Reagan Vuitton recently sent StickyDrama a gem that made our black heart leap with joy.
This videoclip, recorded last year, shows Hock dancing and waving a bag of Ecstasy—the “White Lady” variety, Reagan noted. Whereas images of Hock holding marijuana are common and, in StickyDrama’s eyes, not a big deal, waving around “hard drugs” with the intention of selling to teenagers is another matter. Reagan claims to have often witnessed Hock sell Ecstasy to children as young as 15 years old; he furthermore claims to have witnessed then 18 or 19-year-old Hock have sex with several underage girls, and in particular this girl who Reagan says was then 13:
Pretty much the only nice thing Reagan had to say was that Hock at least didn’t have HIV or AIDS. Reagan had himself tested after some unprotected frolickings he and Hock enjoyed during their friendship.
Our readers might ask, as StickyDrama asked Reagan, why would a friend reveal such damaging information to the most cold-hearted cocksucker on the Internet? It turns out that the two had a falling out when John heard that Reagan had spoken ill of him at Juma Junkiee’s:
What a prince.
The best hope Hock’s unborn child has for happiness would be miscarriage. According to the US Department of Justice Bureau of Statistics, white male drug dealers have a 75% rate of recidivism, meaning that they are very likely to return to a life of crime.


  1. arejayjay here to say wh the fuck is talking about me???? cuz one if my ex is here she should call me cuz i curious which ex it i lmao
    rest ofy ou keep my name out your mouth before u get beat and as for pony faced horse girl get real in your dreams shut up.

  2. Then there was the ScoutMaster who got a fantastic deal on this case of
    Tates brand compasses for his troup; only $1.25 each! Only problem was,
    when they got them out in the woods, the compasses were all stuck pointing
    to the “W” on the dial.
    He who has a Tates is lost!

  3. Soccermomluke : I doesn’t matter who he turns too. Its his life. Let him do the shit that he wants too. Not you nor anyone else is going to stop him.

  4. Apocalypse Pony: Like anyone cares about your opinion now.
    Mimi: I understand that but if he can’t set the example himself who does he have to turn to Stickydrama?

  5. Where were you John, when I needed some X? hahaah
    Love the site sticky, but I agree with others, its kinda becoming the same old routine…
    Gimme fresh blood

  6. it was clearly excedrin.
    cant a man dance around with mild pain pills.
    FUCK. this country sucks. Lets go to Guam.

  7. ROFL hey UHH.
    at least i don’t run around and talk shit about everyone? I don’t see anything wrong with being nice too people.
    And me and John had a rocky past but we were able to sort our shit? and me and reagan never had issues. the fact is i don’t have internet fights. so sorry im a friendly person <3

  8. what i wanna know is how the fuck is john and amor online? shouldent they be trying to do better things with their lifes such as , getting JOBS. getting a HOUSE because comeon john, you cant sleep on a couch/ in your car for ever. and if amor is really keeping the baby, they need fucking insurance because that shits not cheap. you cant raise a baby in a fucking car
    sorry thats just reality.

  9. John Hock with X-pills? That’s porposturous! Cut the malarky people, John Hock would never have anything like that.
    lololol kidding.
    Iz you rollin’?

  10. …and he is the only one in the world to ever do this? shit man, he is like a super human being all hardcore and shit. Wow lets see somthing thats news worthy.
    If people cant tell all ready i dont think john cares, but thats what i think.

  11. John Hock: Your cool? At least I didn’t have to commit statutory rape just to get laid. Its pretty pathetic attempt to try and protect yourself on the internet. My personal life is no ones business! When you make crude comments and think your all HxC bad ass it comes back to bite you in the ass. Also why do you have supporters on here that don’t even know you trying to protect you? Its looks pathetic and immature.
    Love you lots, Luke.

  12. killerrr: Like I can tell your sex on the internet. Your real intelligent
    TIM NEAL: I wasn’t cornering out one person. I’m just saying if the police know your doing controlled substances than your going to be on record and your going to monitored.

  13. “Danielle Alexandria it doesn?t matter if its john or any other person. Its still illegal and you will go to jail.” why would she goto jail Dumbass, the police cant arrest you if you have previously done drugs retard. Soccermomluke fuckign think before you type, fucking clown.
    and ily Danielle :D.

  14. are jay is my ex and ive fucked so im pretty sure it wasnt he who left her comments it was probably one of his friends or me
    he never goes on he has someone do it for him
    and he doesnt care about any one girl enough except his one ex so ok you can dream on that he cared enough to comment you haha
    plus i doubt your under 15 or look like it so he wouldnt fuck you

  15. Soccermomluke, no I havent met John in real life, therefore I dont judge him.
    And did you read my fucking comment before? I said not to believe anything without proof. Just becuase some jealous attentionwhore said it doesnt mean its true, therefore im not following the lead story, Im actually speaking against it.
    Plus im a girl and im straight, so whos the fag now?

  16. Danielle Alexandria it doesn’t matter if its john or any other person. Its still illegal and you will go to jail.

  17. 😐
    I’m just pointing out the fact that a lot of teenagers have had drugs delt to them, usually by older people. It’s not that uncommon. While it may not be the best idea to videotape it, it’s just a glimpse of what is going on nowadays. I’ve seen a handful of people LIVE on Stickam doing lines of coke, pill popping, smoking a joint, or showing off how much xanax they have. Now if it were just a random person, you probably would not make a post about it. The fact that it’s John makes it no different from the rest of these people, just because he is more well known he is getting so criticized for it.

  18. Rigth Danielle. You’ve had older boys sell you drugs, and look how perfect your life is, getting raped on cam and everthing.

  19. killerrr. LOLZ like you have met John in real life. At least I don’t follow all the lead story’s about him. Faggot.

  20. i love how no one ever blames the slutty 13 and 14 year old girls. their always the victim. but you know they probably have sex with alot more older men than just john. THEY are the wrong ones

  21. uhh, actually he did leave her like 40 comments i was in ehr live at the tim so gtfo, and sticky, you fail, come up with something half decent not this garbage that is like 485789475689346 years old. please put something good up, read most of these comments. people are sick of always hearing about john, and to everyone thast giving internet abuse……YOU ARE COOL!
    ive sold drugs to kids before, when i was a kid i always wanted to try drugs….and i did, as i said before, sticky you fail to the max!

  22. dude apocalpyse pony stfu you look like a fucking poser and you are ugly as fuck trying to run around and become everyones friend dont flatter yourself ho got a teenage boys body YUCK!

  23. DUDE. HONEY. that arejayjay guy liked me and i turned him down and he went apeshit on me and left me like 40 comments telling me he hated me

  24. Soccermomluke, stfu.
    you dont know shit! i can say whatever the fuck i want on here, its the internet.

  25. who cares if he porked a 13 year old. young girls like to fuck now a days. who hasn’t rolled and hooked up with someone?

  26. Audiowhoregasm isn’t fat. Maybe you need to look at her nudes. She’s actually very gorgeous, tiny, and skinny. So maybe you need to not be a dumbass and then TYPE IN CAPZ.

    stickydrama specifically states
    “posts are written for entertainment purposes only, and can be partially or entirely works of fiction or satire.”
    that probably helps out kids

  28. stickydrama is getting really dumb.
    we all know john does drugs, we don’t need proof.
    we all know kiki got banned for her boyfriend leaking her tit pics.
    you guys need to step it up, this is old news.
    /end discussion

  29. haha that reagen guy is just a jealous fag who wants attention by yelling out fake shit about jon.
    That video showed him putting qu a shirt and a quick flashing of him showing ecastsy… doesnt mean it was his and it didnt show him doing it. Fuck, it could be that dumbass bitch reagens for all I know. That video didnt prove shit.
    Haha, everything in this post was bullshit. Nobody has ANY proof about it, jus some jealous fag bitchin. haha sticky is trying way WAYY too hard to dig up dirt about jhock and it isnt working, its jus making this site look more pathetic than it already is. Desperate much, sticky?

  30. I agree with john. Stickyfail. Come on sticky. I member i used to love this site. Now i am begining to think this is a John Hock promo site.

  31. I find most of this hard to believe.Especially since this kid seems to be angry at john. “Reagan had himself tested after some unprotected frolickings he and Hock enjoyed during their friendship.” that’s pretty much a joke. srry.

  32. wow. thats pretty bad. a thirteen year old john? really.
    wow, thats all there really is to say.
    just when you thought it couldn’t get any lower.
    no criminal charges have been pressed though?
    that seems a little fishy.
    but really he needs to post a very long and extensive blog/comment/whatever explaining himself and the truth about all of these things.
    and to john;
    really you need to stop posting on these websites when you need to go find a real dayjob to support your upcoming family.
    but thats just my input…

  33. We get that he’s a ‘bad guy’. Post after post about him is just getting old. Let the guy just, live his life the way he wants to live it, no matter how fucked up and underage ridden it may be.

  34. “Dont come to my hood”! Jesues, do people actually speak like that in America? I thought that was just some lame ass thing that Gangster wanna-bes said! OMG Lad…. if you want to be taken seriously DO NOT speak lke that!!! Plus notice how he isnt denying the hard drugs. You would think if he was innocent he would be screaming blue murder and denying selling drugs to 15 year old kids…. and yet all we get is “that proves nothing”. Is he going to claim he didnt know how old they were when he sold them? John if you are selling hard drugs to teenagers (or anyone) you REALLY are a waste of space and there is NO way in hell you can try to make yourself seem all innocent and the victim here.

  35. LOLZ I’ll rip your balls off?
    Come on John were tired of you trying to be an internet bad ass. Go back to your virtual friends.

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