StickyDrama was among the several hundred users who tuned in for Audiowh0regasm’s first day as the SXSW correspondent.
Our first impression: “Wow, THAT’S Audio ?!”
Let us not be misunderstood. We remain true to our original position, that ANYONE is preferable to the rapist. However, StickyDrama is more accustomed to close-ups of Audio at her flattering webcam, and less accustomed to wider shots on a brutally honest videocamera. Even Le Castlevania could not resist the old “20 pounds” joke:
May we humbly suggest that the videographer use a wide angle lens, which decreases the size of objects further away from the camera. Even enormous objects like mountains.
Those preliminaries addressed, her handling of the interview was neither spectacular nor disastrous, for a novice. She needs to put that fucking microphone away though—was it even working? Everyone else sounded better with lapel mics, give her one too.


  1. i think she’s beautiful, charismatic, and a very talented singer. it’s absolutely disgusting how you’re treating her because she’s not a twig. i like her body, i think she has a real womans figure, not one of a 12 year old boy.

  2. She may not be morbidly obese but shes above average. They’re the legs of someone who doesn’t work out and has a shit metabolism.

  3. i hate john hock with a bloody passion but in all honesty,I would rather see him on sxsw.Hes muchhhh more entertaining and funny.

  4. God, most of you are so fucking annoying.
    “Omg lose weight bitch”
    That’s NOT fat.
    Brandy Suicide IS fat.
    See the difference?
    So she doesn’t look like the super anorexic models around today. So fucking what. Those girls are gross, With their ribs showing and being super super skinny. THAT’S gross. Kinda like Kiki Kanniwhore, you’re mom doesn’t feed you either?
    Yeah, she’s boring. So what? that’s a hard job to do. I know I couldn’t. Most entertainers on Stickam SUCK, and have 0 charisma, get over it or don’t watch it.
    And everyone that posts annonymous, you’re all fat whores. Be more like me =]

    Anonymous U idiots should post ur links..are u scared of what ppl will say when they see what u look like?!?!?Obviously thats the case.i hate
    Anonymous ppl..they always have the most to say.get a life u freaken Geeks.

  6. awh look John Hock Kiki wants to fuck you too, another preteen for you to ingest your aids into. You can even sell her E like you did the little 13 year olds. Happy Fucking =], oh hey Kiki you might experience that whole throat problem again seeing how John has TONS Of STDS and all =]. I love Stickydrama. <3

  7. I like how your all freaking over one person being obese when most of America is obese. Stfu about it.

  8. YOU KNOW ONE DAY we knew audiowhoregasm would evolve and she did she indeed exploded look at the size of her butt its twice the size of her guest head.

  9. i love how the majority of the shit talkers on here go under anonymous.. it’s really ignorant of you kids to go and shittalk someone you don’t even know, and call them fat.. It’s not like Audio is going off telling everyone she’s skinny. Girl’s got curves. =) From what I’ve seen on stickam, girls on here are either 12 year old flat chested wannabe ‘scene’ whores or they are borderline obese, and I know for a fact chelsea is a hell of a lot more gorgeous than the majority of girls on there. So seriously kids… STFU <3

  10. She would make a good role model to younger girls?
    Would her slogan be like ‘ACQUIRE JUVENILE DIABETES!’
    I mean, seriously.
    She’s not a healthy weight at all.

  11. shes NOT fat!
    shes got a perfect figure!
    and everyone knows boys love alittle cushion for the pushin! =]
    least she isnt annorexic…she wud make a good role model to younger girls.

  12. I mean seriously….I think anyone reading this would rather want to bang or date a natural beauty rather than a girl who spends most of her life putting make up on her face.

  13. Having an amazing voice has nothing to do with size, nor does personality.
    She’s overweight, period.
    Look at the size of her legs and arms compared to the guy she’s interviewing, they’re obviously much bigger.
    Stop being idiots and trying to defend the fact that she’s fat, because she is.
    She doesn’t even, ‘just have a few extra pounds,’ she’s fat.
    None of her pictures show her body, and whenever she’s live you only see the close up of her face which has make-up caked on it. Her eyes and her hair are gorgeous, but that’s about all she has going for her if she takes off all of that make up and stands up. Don’t say you would hit it then because you probably wouldn’t give her a second look.

  14. hahha i agree with kiki for once
    and lmfao at alex
    this is too funny
    porky porky
    i called chelsea fat before i saw her on sxsw right before i banned her from my live 😀

  15. hey chubsea…
    The apple computer you use is much more clear and with all that fucking make up you put on…it makes you look “perfect”…especially considering you only show your face…
    if the apple computer wasn’t so fucking close to your face…and if it was the same distance as the 1000 dollar camera…than you would still look chubby
    Your short like a little asian with a chubby body….deal with it, thunder thighs…
    I like it how you sat indian style or just sat like a guy rather than crossing your legs like you did the first day so your legs didn’t look huge….
    i also think its funny you wore sleeves today so your arms didn’t look chubby like yesterday.

  16. Yeah, she has a good voice. but she has shit for brains. sorry. she has a pretty face, but a chubster body.

  17. I hope one day Kiki Realizes no one really cares about the STD Carrying Slut. I think I saw a video on here about her STD’s too ” one time I sucked a guys dick and my throat hurt for like a week ” hahahaha. Your just like your fucking mom, you don’t have a clue about anything, oh and my mom said ” tell that cum dumpster that her moms a cunt too “

  18. Oops I forgot KiKi doesn’t beleive in acceptance…I hear she dropped an old boyfriend when she found out he was part latino.

  19. You think your perfect, your an airhead. Chelsea is a vegetarian.
    All you people talk about acceptance of different races, sexual orientation etc. but you talk about her weight. What a bunch of hippocrates.

  20. Did anybody happen to hear her sing tonight? She was amazing?the girl is talented and has a brain?but hey guess that doesn?t matter. By the way she looked different today compared to yesterday?much thinner?could the camera have something to do with it?
    i agree. what are you talented at kiki?

  21. who wants to bet that she blew her 2k on chocolate???
    maybe she shouldv’e blown it on javex, and then she shouldv’e commited suicide
    she wouldv’e at least not made us feel like killing her

  22. Chelsea, you’re beautiful and talented. You’re the perfect size and I hope none of this gets you down.

  23. Did anybody happen to hear her sing tonight? She was amazing…the girl is talented and has a brain…but hey guess that doesn’t matter. By the way she looked different today compared to yesterday…much thinner…could the camera have something to do with it?

  24. “the only reason Adam looks so small next to me is because he is wearing mostly black.”
    well chelsea, you’re wearing all black. which is kind of hilarious that you used such a shitty excuse.
    so what if you’re chunky. it’s just more to love.

  25. Chelsea is right, you are all immature idiots…nothing better to do with your time than rip the poor girl apart. Maybe one day you will all grow up.

  26. get over it,you’re not fat,but you do have a couple of extra’s not the videocamera lense that makes you look’s your webcam that makes you look more flattering and you actually seem to believe it.

  27. Stop blaming the damn camera lense. seriously. It’s obvious that no girl in her right mind would admit that she’s fat. so none the less, chelsea will keep the excuses coming, blaming the camera lense.. maybe she will blame the couch next. we all know you are chunky, it’s quite alright. you’re not morbidly obese. you look healthy if anything. one improvement i would LOVE to see from chelsea, would be for her to stop using whatever kind of makeup she does, it seems to be some kind of tanning makeup that makes her look bronze. and PLEASE stop wearing as much eye makeup as you do. the whole eyelid covered in black is NOT flattering! you don’t want people to think you are a $5 dollar hooker now do you.. and black on black is not always flattering..

  28. Fat or not. She’s boring as hell. John Hock may be a rapist, but at least he would have been more entertaining. She fails.

  29. oh btw..
    like the person said up there , don’t blame it on the lens, the guy interviewing you doesnt look obese like you do. Plus Adam uses the same lense for his videos with Tony and they aren’t tall and they don’t look obese either.

  30. im suprised her hand didnt fall off, you looked so uncomfortable holding yourself up so you could look at least a couple pounds thinner. your boring as hell

  31. you’re probably not considered overweight based on how much you actually weight.. but you still LOOK a little chubby and that’s because you’re so tiny. that’s it.

  32. This is ridiculous. If that’s your idea of a “HUUUUUGGGGEEEEE” person, then you’re sadly mistaken.

  33. wow guys… wow. it was the camera lens, cause i am shorter it made me look wider. in my videos you can see that i am not overwieight, i am pretty, and even if i was overweight why make such a big deal?
    the only reason Adam looks so small next to me is because he is wearing mostly black. stop being immature idiots. thnx

  34. ahahah dennish. i’d honestly stop commenting. if i was chelsea i’d hate you. i can tell you’re trying to be nice, but the shit you’re saying is even worse than the rest. but its FUCKING HILARIOUS.
    chelsea’s over rated. lets just get over it and find a new cam whore.

  35. i’m sorry but yeah the interviewing skills were horrible and chelsea did seem more interested in how she looked on cam / what was being said on cam but then again, nobody at SXSW even knows what stickam is.
    who cares, she’s chunky, get over it. at least she’s not 14 with fake extensions.
    i’m not defending her / making fun of her, i’ve met her and know what she looks like. shes been to my apartment.
    she’s just a little bigger than average, nothing like insanely big. she’s just short, like 4’11 or so it might seem like shes bigger.

  36. if it was the cam angle then how come adam and kiss atlanta don’t look large at all? shes a fucking heffer. get over it. she looks terrified out of her mind as well. oink oink! piggy piggy. moo moo cow.

  37. lawlll
    I love how everyone trying to Defend her can’t even fucking spell. Do me a Favor, go download Firefox, so you can see how much your typing fucking fails. .. Id still hit it though. =] Sure shes a little chubby but whatever, you know you’d still hit it if you had the chance.

  38. ANON, or whaever
    first off
    she really did said that when iwas watching
    second of all its over
    im over it
    making more then she won anyways 😀
    keeep runnin your motuh :]

  39. i voted for john because i knew he’s socialable enough to not just sit there uncomfortable asking mediocre questions. If anything sticky should be criticizing her on her interviewing skills, not her weight. Althought it is kind of ironic people only voted for her because she’s “hot” and now half the people who DID vote for her are making fun of her calling her fat.

  40. John should have won, you guys may not like him but the fact that you’re always talking about him shows he’s entertaining to say the least. Audio is only discussed for being a secret fatty. and all you saying she’s ‘normal’ or ‘average’…. america has an obesity problem… so just because she’s average to the rest of the lardasses we see it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

  41. She isn’t FAT. And she’s doing a good job at SxSW …
    I mean .. She ain’t bad. it’s clearly her first time doing it.
    Stop bitching, She won, she’s there, she’s chubby WHO CARES ?
    As long as I can LOL watching it, I’m happy.

  42. What’s the big deal if people gain weight? She’s still who she is and an amazing person, and that won’t change chunky, thin, or anything else. She’s still gorgeous :].

  43. John Hock can you say jealous? HA! Wonder what AMOR will look like after the baby? I’m sure you won’t still be around to find out!

  44. lol @ John hock, who said your opinion matters get the fuck out of here talkin about it wouldve been better with john hosting like i wanna see some crackhead big ass scene fro wearing ass, interview real celebrities.
    get real, hock you just mad cause your broke ass lost.

  45. wow ok
    shes NOT FAT and shes gorgeous! Her personality annoys me a little but but shes gorgeous and has a gorgeous body

  46. uhm, im not kissing her ass at all?
    i just said, yeah obviously she’s a little bigger but fuck it.
    i mean yeah, it’s deceitful to hide behind a webcam and only show your neck up. but then again, i know i wouldn’t sit on stickam in my underwear or walk around in my room with minimal clothing on if i was self-conscience about my body.

  47. Also, I wonder how she would look if we saw her with the centimeter thick layer of make-up taken off her face.

  48. Wow, what a fucking letdown.
    That’s crazy, she looks so cute and little in all of her pictures and shit, and when you finally see her full body live, she’s chunky as hell.
    Imagine that in a fucking bikini and then tell me she has a good body.

  49. I think its fucking hilar how everyone keeps making excuses.
    “It was the camera!”
    “It was the clothes!”
    “It was the way she was sitting!”
    “I know her in real life she doesnt look like that!”
    okay, get it straight.
    1. Yes, cameras usually do add about 10 pounds, but thats like 50 pounds heaveir… srsly. No camera can make you look THAT much heaveir.
    2. Black is supposed to make you look slimmer, so if anything its helping her.
    3. She stood up and she STILL looked fat, so dont blame it on sitting.
    4. Typical friends trying to stand up for her, ive seen her recently too, and shes gotten chunkier.
    so jsut deal, stop making excuses, SHES JUST GAINED WIEGHT OKAY? END OF STORY.

  50. idk what everyone is talking about. I think she looks amazing. it’s nice to see someone who isn’t a toothpick.

  51. Shut up dennish, you’re just trying to kiss her ass. just like everyone does. someone needs to tell her, yeah, you’ve got a pretty face, but that double chin does nothing for it! lose a couple pounds and then maybe you wouldn’t be single all the time.

  52. wow you are all idiots. thats not in L.A. … thats in AUSTIN, TEXAS at SXSW.
    but anywho.
    she’s not …. “fat”. shes just a little heavier, who cares.
    better than being pierced all over and looking like a 13 year old boy body i guess.
    i mean i prefer smaller since i’m skinny but for an average sized guy / bigger guy, chelsea would be perfectly fine.
    and yes, i’ve met chelsea in person too.

  53. U know what..i was gonna hate on her…but she isnt all that fat..shes at a decent wait and the camera added 20 pounds..i voted for her cause i wanted hock to lose.

  54. haha, she’s trying to defend herself on her live right now. it was the camera! it was the camera! you’re still fat!

  55. haha she’s always been a fucking whale. and not in that ‘yay im curvy and im beautiful!’ way. shes fat in that ‘i sit on the couch and drink beer on the weekends’ way

  56. hahaha i knew this would happen. In the end no matter who won they would get trash talked about them.
    so she is chunky.. thats a lame reason to call her out on. statistically more people are fat than they are skinny. I’m pretty sure the majority of the people typing are fatties.
    at least she tried.

  57. I think she’s gorgeous and she’s NOT fat!
    Anyway, I didn’t like how they had the camera facing out a window because it was fucking bright and made everyone look all washed out.

  58. Nobody is comparing her to skin and bones people.Atleast I don’t. Even compared to people with a ‘normal’ body,she’s chunky. That’s my opinion.

  59. and i repeat sxsw is fail.
    chelsea has no personallity and doesnt know what to do when shes in awakward positions and have no questions she asks questions like ‘what color of your pants oh well youre wearing jeans but i mean, look at those neon shoes’ like?
    i like turrtles

  60. srsy ppl, stfu.
    She’t not fat. She’s actually got a good body and look like a real woman. She has nice legs, an ass, and actually has boobs.
    While many of you think that being bones is cool, I wouldnt want to fuck a bag of bones. Girls like Audio are hott. She has a nice body and is hott to top it off. I love it how ppl on stickam get lost in this whole scene hott thing, pierced head to toe, two pounds. That look may be hott so 14 yr olds on this site, but to the majority its not.
    To each its own.
    Chelsea your hott baby and you know that so there is not converstaion 😛

  61. As much as I dont like John Hock. That fool should have won. This whole sxsw thing would have been much more entertaining.

  62. She’s adorable and sweet…you guys are shallow assholes. Didn’t know this was a beauty pageant.

  63. I have something to say : AUDIO, I LOVE YOU!
    And all u bitches saying she’s fat, NO! she’s healthy … I STILL AM the ONLY FATTY that got attention. Don’t try stealing my spot.
    I’m The Glam Fatty … no other =]
    – AV

  64. When I saw that too, I was really surprised because she looks NOTHING like that in person. I was just with her like two weeks ago and she is NOT fat at all. So don’t fucknig call her a “piggy” because you wouldn’t think so if you met her in real life.

  65. ewww shes soooo fucking pug faced, fat AND ugly!!!!!!
    gross to the max!!!
    POST MOREEE!!!! =D

  66. there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s gorgeous. Some of you should actually aspire to look more like her. Don’t be so quick to judge till you look in a mirror.

  67. chelsea is a sweetheart though ^_^ . who cares . not everyone is skin and bones. bleh. IM SECRETLY A FATTY, MOVE THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION!

  68. haha eww , how tall is she like 4 foot 6? lulz. fatass. no wonder you just show your face on cam and nothing else.
    “everything is bigger in texas” , especially audiowhoregasm!

  69. She looks sooo different.. Either this is somehow manipulated or her normal vids/pictures are.. I barely recognize her!

  70. Yeah what she was wearing….isn’t black suppose to make you look skinny?And yes the way she was sitting I dunno to me it looks like she is about to burst out of her shirt and pants.yikes!

  71. I know Chelsea in real life and she does NOT look like this and yes I have seen her recently. Must of been the combination of what she was wearing and the way she was sitting.

  72. i said something in chat i thought there was something wrong with the camera and peeps had a go at me 😮
    Its not just me then she was kinda fat lookin ish… I’d still fuck her anyway

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