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If countless news reports like this one and that one have documented how Myspace is a popular hangout for statutory rapists and sexy-as-fuck hackers, it is only reasonable to ask what on earth could a 15-year-old girl possibly do to get banned from such a lawless online Wild West.
Only Kiki Kannibal could find a way.

StickyDrama has long been curious as to the specifics of the “disorderly conduct” behind her ban. After all, how disorderly can a young girl be sitting in front of a computer in her bedroom? Waiting until a day when the notoriously quick-to-kick Queen of Mean Kiki seemed in a congenial mood, in her Live we cautiously asked for the salacious details behind her ban.

Among others, Kiki lays the blame squarely on evil buttpirates Jeffree Star and NathanAmazing, and describes her infamous nude photo as “the last straw.” But having been banned 33 times from Stickam ourselves for reasons we consider petty, StickyDrama is not without sympathy for Kiki. Love her or hate her, if she were gone for good then online gossip and drama just wouldn’t be the vicious fun we all enjoy.


  1. wow, they arnt really your “friends” if you never met them lol. so when you say i have more friends that audrey kitching, really your just saying, I’m the bigger loser

  2. She’s so sad. Why does she think everyones jealous of her? She’s fucking trailor trash. She’s nothing and she probably will always be that.

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