If countless news reports like this one and that one have documented how Myspace is a popular hangout for statutory rapists and sexy-as-fuck hackers, it is only reasonable to ask what on earth could a 15-year-old girl possibly do to get banned from such a lawless online Wild West.
Only Kiki Kannibal could find a way.

StickyDrama has long been curious as to the specifics of the “disorderly conduct” behind her ban. After all, how disorderly can a young girl be sitting in front of a computer in her bedroom? Waiting until a day when the notoriously quick-to-kick Queen of Mean Kiki seemed in a congenial mood, in her Live we cautiously asked for the salacious details behind her ban.

Among others, Kiki lays the blame squarely on evil buttpirates Jeffree Star and NathanAmazing, and describes her infamous nude photo as “the last straw.” But having been banned 33 times from Stickam ourselves for reasons we consider petty, StickyDrama is not without sympathy for Kiki. Love her or hate her, if she were gone for good then online gossip and drama just wouldn’t be the vicious fun we all enjoy.


  1. wow, they arnt really your “friends” if you never met them lol. so when you say i have more friends that audrey kitching, really your just saying, I’m the bigger loser

  2. She’s so sad. Why does she think everyones jealous of her? She’s fucking trailor trash. She’s nothing and she probably will always be that.

  3. wow she had a big head. no you didn’t make myspace most people on myspace don’t even know who you are, only the ones who follow internet celbs

  4. Proper lulz @ brandy AND kiki..
    She WISHES she invented the diamond..coon tails..myspace and starting the whole “selling t-shirts online” with alex evans..
    Her mom is just as ugly as she is and her dad is like king kong is reality..and her sister..wow I wnt even go there…
    But like for all you fans of her seriously grow the fuck and idolise on someone else not some dumb whiny slut who tries and convice herself that she invented the fucking world.
    K tnxs

  5. i lold @ the following
    brandy go eat another donut”
    ty anon<3
    js brandy when i first saw you on cam i thought it was a loop for lulz rifk

  6. she is brain dead.
    people admire a bitch who has videos on youtube with green hair and spitting?
    what a fucking sad world where you dumbfucks idolize a bitch who think she created the diamond, and coon tails, and myspace?
    dumb fucking bitch.
    she has her fifteen minutes. she’s not getting anymore. the only thing she can do is flash some titties to have people actually give a fuck about her. she’s trashy, her mom obviously didn’t raise her right.
    i personally feel bad for her.

  7. This girl is a fucking whore and she just needs to GTFO the internet. Seriously, she needs to go back to school because she sounds like a fucking tard.

  8. YES FINALLY A BUNCH OF KIKI HATERS!! Words cannot explain my hatred for this 15 yr old cunt! I mean damn, she already has nudes.

  9. fuck you burgercide.you’re just mad cuz people actually want to look at kiki rather than your ugly fat ass.go eat a burger

  10. omg jeffree can hack peoples myspaces with admin thats so cool and audrey too dame and nathan is obsessed with you lol wow what a story you and john blah blah…….. basically i have no life =p

  11. ew her bhair, dnw
    spending lots of your lfie on the internet will get you nowhere. the real world doesnt care about the internet world. when youre going out to get a job, most people wont care about how e-popular you are, if youre not qualified you wont get it. kiki is going to fail in the real world.

  12. “Like… it was like… cos…. too many people reported me… and like… cos…like… em…I guess…. like…. it was too much hassle for the administrators….like…er…” OMG its like listening to an even more stupid Paris Hilton! And people wonder why we British have such a wonderfull impression of American youth!

  13. kiki is a nasty anorexic, paris hilton wannabe. she’ll only be “internet famous” for like another year and people will forget about her.and shes not a model, shes too short and looks like little girl.

  14. lol. there’s a rule on the internet that says before you bitch about someones grammar, you have to know how to spell, “shutup”.

  15. i love kiki, not because she’s famous, not because of myspace, not because of stickam, and not bc shes’s a “scene queen”…but because of her personality. and brandy suicide? wow. if only you had a fucking ounce of charisma that kiki has. your a fat bitch. even if this wasn’t kiki leave your comments to yourself and go eat a fucking doughnut.
    and she doesn’t live in LA douche bag. learn some grammar.

  16. It must suck to have so many people on your back. Not like I’m the most loved person on the net but damn, I’ve only known of like 3 people who constantly reported me but they were old friends of mine.

  17. It doesn’t matter what i.p I have. If someone know my myspace profile is real then they just tell myspace and it gets deleted….

  18. all you have to do is call your internet provider and say your internet keeps messing up and crashing off the net will you refresh my ip address

  19. hahah kiki is nothing.
    i didn’t even hear about her until i actually tired to give a shit about online celebrities; which is all she is.
    and thank god i don’t live in la, because she’s get a bucket of puke and pee thrown on her, as well as my fisting going literally down her throat.
    i know its wide enough for all the dick she sucks.

  20. LMFAO “Jeffree hacked me because he’s a jealous little bitch.” How pathetic are you child? No one is jealous of you Kiki, get it out of your small mind.

  21. wow her mother needs to learn how to be a mother…you dont let your 15 year old be a skank its that easy

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