As our readers might recall, Wezlanator and Boo had sex approximately 2 months ago, an encounter from which Boo became pregnant.

Upon learning that Boo was considering abortion, a small army of pro-life activists began calling her, pleading with her not to terminate her pregnancy. To be precise, they asked her not to take the second “at-home-abortion” pill, which induces the contractions that expel the fetus. Their pleas were in vain: The fetus was in fact already doomed when the first pill had been ingested; the second pill merely aids the mother’s body in ridding itself of the dead material. But espousing pro-life sentiments rarely corresponds to having an abundance of brains, and this god-fearing group was determined to prevent her from taking the second pill.

Boo, who is a mod in StickyDrama’s chatroom, asked us to write another post confirming that she did indeed take the second pill and her fetus was successfully expelled a few days ago. Further attempts to contact her regarding the matter will now be harassment. “It’s fucking dead already,” she wrote to us in PM, “so they can stop calling me.”


  1. Everyone constantly denies things(humans, animals, etc.) the right to life and support killing in one way or another. Not to mention practically every person who says she’s a murderer then tells her to go die. You either think we have a right to decide what deserves to live or you don’t, hypocritical fagholes.

  2. I was just wondering what she is saying to all of those who commented on her page so i did a little digging the first comment will shock you , if you dont belive me i posted the link so you can find her comment on both. I was supporting her but with coments such as the first one …FUCK THAT DUMB BITCH!
    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 7:15:34 PM GMT
    what did that baby ever do to you? i hope you live with it for the rest of your life.
    Wednesday, February 27, 2008 7:48:28 PM GMT
    OH I will, happily. Having lots of sex and aborting lots of babies. Next fetus I abort I’ll send to you in the mail.
    ? Blythe ?
    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 11:42:07 PM GMT
    how about you use a birth control that doesn’t involve killing innocent children? hMMM.
    Tuesday, February 26, 2008 9:12:50 PM GMT
    Well. How about you get pregnant and we’ll see what you’ll do.

  3. shes 16 maybe she shouldnt be having sex and have alittle more respect for herself.
    she really is a disgrace for society
    she should just kill herself no guy should want her now

  4. this is sorta too personal and people should not really be bashing her for it. i do not like that she had to kill it, but still she’s 16.she should have thought of everything and been more responsible.

  5. Well, Renata, If you really couldnt support the baby, which im figuring is the prospect…. Go to and bate alittle more, get some money and buy an air mattress.
    Im going to be having a crying session coming up, and yes I am telling you this for my views to come back…. Oh and I live on a couch for no reason.
    Just thought I would throw all that information out there for you all so that we have something alittle more interesting then this lack-luster comic review to gain interest on a fat ugly bitch who nobody knows a damn thing about.
    Wez, dude, really, UGH, tarah is a hell of alot better then that skunk bitch, atleast the baby would have a good home.
    Information Update: my balls finally dropped.

  6. think of it this way. whats the furthest back that you can remember feeling any pain? The fetus wasnt hurt in anyway and even if she didnt take the pill that doesnt mean the baby would have been born for sure. there are miscarriges[sp] you know?
    bottom line it was her choice, not yours.

  7. Stickydrama has sunk to a new low with this whole thread and the previous post. Its a private matter and you have no business airing in public. You suck and you should die a horrible death in a fire

  8. wow, nice one slut. you killed an innocent baby that did nothing at all, its your fault you cant keep your fucking pants on. i hope you live with the fact that you killed someone for the rest of your life, your disgusting. god wont forgive you, you killed one of his children. “its fucking dead already” do you not care at all? i hope someone finds you and kills you, you dont deserve to live and neither does that other fuck.

  9. First let me say i dont agree with abortion in anyway. But it isnt helping the situation by tearing down “boo” i dont know her , nor do i care too. I think she did make a choice that she will regret later.. not the choice to kill the baby but the choice to have some random needless tasteless website post all her shit for everyone to see. so lets not stoop to her level and say these things about her that is apparently what she wants. Any sane person who whould have went through this wouldnt care if “people asking about the baby” they would just ignore them and only share the truth with the ones close to her and not the thousands who could care less about her. So calling her trashy, muderer , dumb bitch ect ect isnt helping a thing your just feeding into the attention she desires and possibly creating somthing that no body wants. Think about it if you had to make that choice would you want too see those comments about yourself. But then again she did ask for it by posting it on here I donno just a thought. And to stickydrama WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!? Get a new fucking picture you sick fucks! ever think about posting a picture of boo and a “before” pic of a postive test then a “After” pic of a neg!? TAKE THAT POOR INNOCENT BABY OFF OF HERE AND HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE DEAD!

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