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Hock: "Thank God" Baby Is Dead


In announcing her miscarriage, Amor Hilton mentions what an “emotional” time it is for e-famous couple. But in contrast to Amor’s public display of grief, John Hock is overjoyed to have once again escaped the responsibilities of fatherhood. Shaynuh Chanel sent StickyDrama these caps which reveal his relief:

While at first blush Hock’s remarks might strike the reader as heartless, can we really blame him? It is apparent to anyone with eyes to see that he and Amor are not in the ideal situation to raise a child. While his choice of words may be postworthy in their chilling sang-froid, perhaps Hock realizes that oblivion is preferable to any existence he could provide.



  1. i feel sorry for amor but then again why in the fuck would someone date a ass hole like john hock anyway . hes a insensitive asshole . yeah the world could live without pieces of shit like him .

  2. its obvious he was not saying thank god to chelsea
    from the way it looks she was talking
    to nicole

    I agree, its emotionally draining and physically painful, but come on, give some people a fucking break.
    don’t give john shit for being happy.
    women are automatically attatched to what grows inside of them from day one. while guys don’t feel the weight of reality until its visibly seen.
    why the fuck is this such a big deal ?

  4. can you fucking believe they’re (John & Amor) are getting MARRIED?!
    Shit. Wow. More miscarriages to come, eh ?

  5. He is such a foul being. How can you “Thank God” for the death of an unborn child? Bad fortunes are coming his way for that filthy spirit.

  6. i love kitty, and shaynuh is a good friend of mine. so yeah. just thought i should say that :]. and who ever said john doesn’t love Amor O_o wtf are you on. she’s a bitch ill give her that but still. doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. js

  7. That’s really sad, she deserves someone a lot better than him and i hope she realizes it. Why would he even say thank god? He’s supposably in love with her? i think not.

  8. i dont agree with the whole “its between them” arguement, if they didnt want it public it wouldnt be posted in bulletins/talked about in a chat with 200+ people

  9. actually, for everyone saying the “thank god” was aimed at something else in chat, you can see that nicole says “liar” and chelsea says “i did, i passed out at around 7 am”. so, yeah.

  10. Seriously, Stickydrama, some of the things that happen to these ‘Stickam Famous’ people, should be kept between themselves. No need to post it for the whole Stickam world to get try to get involved.

  11. lol @ the amounts of times i call my gf a cunt, i still fucking love that girl

  12. The only bamboozle drama I saw was jeffree and chris crocker making out and holding hands during PATD’s set.
    other than that, not much else went on.

  13. blah blah… blah… oh yeah and blah… Everybody just needs to leave them alone. They have enough issues.

  14. i don’t understand why everyone’s making a big deal out of him calling her a cunt, i mean its really not THAT bad.
    I’d rather be called a cunt than something personal like ‘your a fat bitch and noone likes you’ or something.
    (thats an example, im NOT saying amor is a fat bitch who nobody likes)

  15. LMFAO, this is soo soo sad people are crying about john calling amor a cunt, amor as much as i love you, you was really yelling at john. but no need to be called a cunt though. and you can tel;l that thank god was aim at somthing else in chatt. and sticky you are really failing atm all we see on this site is “john + amor miscarrage” come up with somthing different this time people have caught you out on this article, i dont think you understand people are getting bored of your posts! lol to be you owning this piece of shit website šŸ™‚

  16. what a surprise that chelsea was in there. I dislike her more and more by the day.
    I just hope amor finds happiness, with or without him. She deserves it.

  17. Wow, sticky.
    You seriously need to get over the John and Amor miscarriage thingy.
    It’s making them seem way more important than they really are. =/

  18. That bitch is nasty, pathetic and pitiful.
    How the fuck are you going to be posting bulletins about a threesome a week after a miscarriage?
    Have some pride.

  19. Funny now they are posting bulletins about a threesome.
    She should still be on the rag if she just had a miscarriage.
    Tell me who wants to hit that bloody snatch!?

  20. OKAY.
    don’t give the “they weren’t ready for a baby” bullshit.
    the moment you have unprotected sex you’re bascially telling your body that you’re ready.
    you do the crime, you pay the time.
    and i find it funny that when john got brooklyn pregnant a long time ago he was torn to pieces over her miscarriage.
    with amor he obv doesn’t give a shit.
    amor needs to get a fucking brain, and john needs to get a god damn condom for his slimy penis.
    the end.

  21. lmfao. chelsea does look like an ugly ass rat. she is fucking ugly. the only pretty picture of her is the one she has in her about me profile…and it’s photoshopped to the max. I mean, her nose is huge. Her chin is receeding. Her hair is thin. Her eyes are too close together. Shes too thin (which Im sure a lot of scenie weenies love though) and…the list goes on.
    Amor you lie about ALOT of shit though. I think you have a problem with being a phsycological liar,..

  22. Everyone needs to just shut the fuck up. I mean it between Amor and John not Amor,John and the whole world. Back off.

  23. It doesn’t matter if “thats not the full chat” He’s still calling her a cunt and still going to Chelsea the rat. He’s called her a cunt many times and other things, and those kinds of things ( name calling, etc.) don’t just stop. dumpdumpdumpdump

  24. I was in the chat room and he definitely was saying the thank god bit to the miscarriage part. There were no other statements that he could have said thank god to.

  25. This is not the full chat. So how can we know that he isn’t saying that about someone else? I don’t like John Hock, but ever since myspace it should have been known you can’t trust text because anything can be photo shopped too

  26. amor he talks constant shit about you, he doesn’t care about you or what happened to your baby, so dont waste your time with him. you shouldn’t be mad at him, if you have such a problem with him, leave him. its not that hard.

  27. This is all just sad. No one really knows what happened but John and Amor. But EVERYONE has an opinion, like always.
    Someone needs to make a Chris Crocker video about this. lol.

  28. hahahahaha let me quote this,
    “If my boyfriend for who cares how LONG of a relationship it has been, called me a cunt, and went crying to some 16 year old scuzzy that looks like a rat, Iā€™d DUMP HIM.” you hit the nail on the head whoever you are, lmao That bitch does look like an ugly ass rat!

  29. If my boyfriend for who cares how LONG of a relationship it has been, called me a cunt, and went crying to some 16 year old scuzzy that looks like a rat, I’d DUMP HIM.

  30. I have a fucking job and am currently on fucking rest BY DOCTORS ORDERS. Aside from that I work 6 fucking days a week, from 8pm to 4am serving drinks and hookah to old men who like my boobs.
    so stfu, i sleep in so late because i get home at 4 in the fucking morning!!!

  31. call me old fashioned but before i found stickydrama a few months ago, the ONLY “myspace celebrities” i knew of were chris crocker, matthew lush, jeffree star, tila tequila, erik kristian… oh and does anyone remember joey badass? he was like the original myspace whore some years ago. then he like disappeared. my point is that sticky drama is making so many stickam members way more famous than they should be. amor and jon are actually pretty typical people. they are basically our guilty pleasure, we all love to hate them. i do wish them the best, whether that means they are together or apart. oh and i doubt the “amor hilton” who commented on this was actually her: she misspelled her own name. (amor hiltno.)

  32. Okay, i officially feel bad.
    we all love John, and its totally obvious that sticky does, ahha.
    his chaaat does move fast, so most likely, he wasn’t saying thank god to that.

  33. so if a woman has a miscarraige,
    it’s NOT okay for her to be resting or whatever?
    what the fuckkk
    we all know this ain’t gona end well

  34. enough of this bullshit. lets here something worth coming to this site for. make up some drama if you need to. come on.. just fake a story. a really fucking juicy one.

  35. “All I can say is that I was very hurt, after reading this.” Grow up Amor. Stop playing the victim for sympathy! Get a job! Everyone is saying what an asshole Hock is and how he lives off girls. Well he is the one working and Amor is the lazy ass living off him. As far as calling her a cunt. So what? He should have called her a jealous cunt. Cuz that’s what she is! A jealous, insecure, lazy, bitching cunt.

  36. Oh and looking at the context and that there was a period after thank god, it really gives the impression it was an extend of the first sentence, as ‘she had a miscarriage, thank god.’

  37. Regardless of why he said thank god, Amor should fucking dump his ass before he dumps her. Everybody knows it’s going to happen soon anyway, and he’ll fuck 25 drunk 14 year olds in one night and she’ll just be heartbroken over it. John’s a douchebag, seriously.

  38. I was in the room. I think amor deserves better. I have full cuts of the convo without anything left out and someone had asked “is she still pregnant?” and that was his response. “no she had a miscarriage” “thank god.”. don’t lie for him chelsea. amor deserves better and she doesn’t deserve to be lied to.

  39. wow, all I have to say is that this is way blown out of proportion, first off there were alot of different convos going on at the same time, chelsea lynn, john, and i were talking about a whole different subject, just us about finally getting some sleep, do you notice after the thank god. there is a “I passed out around 7 am” hello stop reading into things so much, and google the word gullible. As far as this, what chelsea wrote “next off johns right, he wasnt saying thank god to the misscariage there was way more to the conversation. basically worthless post, amor should know john loves her. they should be fine” is true i have said what i wish. xo- Nicole Armani

  40. I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about him calling her a cunt.
    I mean if someone is acting like an asshole, then yeah its totally justifiable.
    Its just a word at that…
    In all honesty if I was in his position I’d be saying thank god too.

  41. You can tell that the “thank god” was towards something else. Chelsea said “i did” and John said “thank god.” StickyDrama is just becoming stupid. Starting drama isn’t very amusing.

  42. hock will grow up, make babies with girls and molest his childern. he does like young girls..
    i can see johns future right now
    its sad. old pervert.

  43. okay, people who are saying johns a bad person for calling amor a cunt, first off she was like yelling at him, understandable she was tired, but still was no need to yell and get mad the way she did,
    next off johns right, he wasnt saying thank god to the misscariage there was way more to the conversation. basically worthless post, amor should know john loves her. they should be fine

  44. Although John Hock’s comment were less than perfect and could have been said in a better way, he’s not at fault. I’m sure he was terrified at the idea of having a baby and everything that comes with it. I am not saying that it’s good John is happy that his girlfriend miscarried.

  45. ^^^^ worddddd. who gives a fuck?
    not me… i dunno this website is getting hella laaaaaaaaammmmmmmmeeeeee

  46. amor needs to fucking dump his ass. she’s already turned out like all of the other girls he’s banged, and he’ll probably book it out of there as soon as he’s got another pussy ready and waiting.
    this is obviously some kind of sign that hock should never have children, though. the fact that ALL of the girls he’s got pregnant have miscarried (around the same time, too) is pretty fucking weird.
    either way..i used to kind of hate amor, but now i just feel sorry for her. she needs to kick his ass to the curb, quit destroying her insides, go back to school/get a job, and get a little dignity.

  47. HEllo, ok well if you would display the rest of the convo youde know that i was saying thank god to something else in the chat room, you know how fast my room moves.
    i lvoe amor and i was upset about the misscarrage, even cried a few tiems.
    way to try to ruin our relationship, & to create morproblems.
    once more stickyfail.
    please delete this post.

  48. ew. people if you werent even there just shut up you dont even know what happened. or what he was talking about

  49. 3rd comment for me xD
    how come John isn’t in fucking jail yet?!
    geezee, hes such an orange rapist >_<

  50. Amor needs to dump him & kick him out on the streets. then he would become a homeless man with a cardboard box living under a bridge. which is where he will be sooner or later.

  51. The entire thing was a fucking publicity stunt, which is probably a good thing considering that John and Amor have to have other people buy them food. Lululull.

  52. second time commenting, but i have more to say, oh so exciting xD
    anyways, amor doesn’t deserve such a dick like him. surrre, amor is stupid for posting her shit in bulletins, but being called a cunt by your own boyfriend is fucking horrible.

  53. I think Amor is a really nice person, and deserves so much more. You can’t pick who you “love”, but clearly this is a blessing in disguise, she may not think losing a child is a blessing but maybe she can get her life together and 5 or 10 years down the line have a child that can be properly taken care of.
    I suggest Amor leave his ass and find a REAL man to support her in every way.
    Leave Hock to think of how worthless he is.

  54. i feel bad for amor shes never been mean to anyone and i think its just wrong for a boyfriend to call his girlfriend a cunt me and my boyfriend have had big fights and he has never called me names

  55. don’t these girls learn from others mistakes? DO NOT FUCK HOCK, YOU WILL GET PREGNANT, MISCARRY, AND HE WILL BOUNCE. he has been in this repetitive pattern since he was 14 people!!!!! I hope john doesn’t get laid ever again. llawas.

  56. hes not trying to say a bad thing by saying “thank god”
    he’s just releived because he knew he and amor werent going to be able to take care of that child.
    I would be too if I was him, tbh.

  57. i bet john gives his girlfriend something that would cause a miscarriage. either that or he has retard sperms. all of them have had this problem by month 4 or so. and he walked away from all of them, why do people think amor is different?. we know how he is, so he shouldn’t pretend ‘love her’ cos we know he doesn’t.. he is only putting a front so he can stay in LA prolly. he is not responsible in any way shape or form. he is also SELF ABSORBED!!

  58. yeah right hun, we all know what kind of heart he has. or we’re guessing what kind of heart he would have if he actually had one šŸ™‚
    john, grow up.

  59. I’m hoping that “thank god” was taken out of context… maybe he was saying it about something else?

  60. poor amor… I’m sorry for her miscarriage… but maybe now she’s at least not stuck with an ass like that for a husband/father of her baby.

  61. oh my sticky, this is getting heated. remember pretend to be Sweden and try to stay neutral on this abortion issue.

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