No surprise here, but probably the most official comment we’ll get from Stickam on the removal of Private chats.


  1. I was in the room when Newave said that. He went on to say that 1-to-1 ‘Live Invites’ and chatrooms were still capable of being private.
    There are plenty of other places to chat with your friends in private.

  2. LOL aaron, i give yew e-autograph
    sorry kiddos im not gonna write a big rage essay response back and forth with you nerds like anyone else would be doing, this all just makes me lol as semi entertainment :>
    now let me get back 2 my “hackin fappin and mixin wayz”

  3. Haha. JON YOU ARE SO SOOPER FAMOUS. CAN I HAZ AUTOGRAPH? And StickFail, kind of sad you have to go under an anon name. Pathetic, really.

  4. This is actually a good thing. Now stickam won’t get a bad rep for being “dirty”. And now it will be used for what it was intended to be used for.

  5. Hey Jon, I’m pretty sure you spend enough time on here to realize there is a friends only/public cam off option. Now go back to smoking dope, jerking it non-stop, “mixing” and “hacking”.

  6. getting naked in private was pointless anyways you can still get banned.. your live is still recorded for flagging etc im pretty sure skype or whatever is the place for that…
    I miss the private feature becuase now my live is lag city, and if i ever wanted the pleasure of going private with only a handfull of good friends instead of an onslaught of random people that is now taken from me and anyone else who knows the annoying feeling of having 46456345people you dont know in your shit and barely being able to talk to the few you like having in your live. sucks. just means more lag and now not even a semi way of preventing that lag.

  7. 1/2 used it to get naked
    the other 1/2 used it for talking with friends about stuff the dont want other people knowing..
    but they have aim msn and ect for that shit
    and skype.. eh not everyone has that nore wants to get it =[ but its an option
    imo id like to see private come back

  8. Yeah, least he was honest – I for one am glad. As a company it was a wise move. Every porn aggregating site was carrying caps of young girls – obviously underage- and with the stickam logo, or private watermark, which everyone knew was from stickam.

  9. I’d like to see the Private Chat come back, but im kinda glad its gone. I mean, true these little prostitots and kinderwhores sign up and “say” they don’t show, but 9/10 have been guilty…While the people who used the shit for purposes OTHER than getting naked, kinda got the shaft. I knew it was a long time coming, and now that its gone, knowing Stickam, it wont be back anytime soon,
    Theres always Skype…js


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