Today, a reporter at a highly-respected national news outlet contacted StickyDrama for the purpose of obtaining photos, videos and conversations of the recently arrested rapist Richard Heart Stealer in erotic situations, particularly with minors.
StickyDrama already has logs of convo between Richard and a girl who calls herself Alicia.  We also already have this image and video, uncensored:

Any StickyDrama reader possessing screencaptures, screen-recordings, AIM logs or other evidence of Richard’s online proclivities is urged to send them to [email protected].  While we can’t guarantee what, if anything, will be featured in the news report, we can assure your anonymity and blur you out of any content you provide.  Include any questions or concerns about your identity (and anything else) in your email.
[email protected]


  1. @misterbrutal don’t you understand “your friend” was a PEDO who liked to fck underage girls and got caught.

  2. again sticky drama can you please keep me filled in on everything that is going on
    im heart broken that my friend richard would do that shit capping girls and shit
    is so wrong and
    so all of these girls were under again
    please contact me with more details
    [email protected]

  3. lol whether they used it against him or not..the best part of the chat is
    “do you care im 14?
    he says no. haha

  4. lol faggot. alicia never blackmailed richard. shes was a 15 year old girl whom richard contacted to masturbate with. since shes friends with anons she informed them and they created a new MSN to get him to do shit.
    in the beginning of the convo she even says “i had to log on my new screenname”.
    right. and sticky i have a LIST of underage girls i know richard did shit with. if you want their aims/stickams. let me know

  5. I have a cap of a Meebo IM between him and I, but it’s only a small section of it because I was capping something completely different.
    I don’t have the chat logs because it was before I signed up with Meebo (allowing you to log the chat) and I never spoke to him using real AIM.
    I dunno how useful it is, though. I posted this comment in the previous post about him:
    “I had a feeling this was gonna happen to him. I was “friends” with him awhile back (at the time I was 15, and he knew that). He always asked me to get on cam in his room and then kept begging for me to show on cam, or for nudes.
    Keep in mind I never showed him my body so don’t call me stupid for saying “tomorrow?” ’cause it never happened.”
    The girl we were talking about doing the handbra is a friend of mine was 17 at the time. I can give you the entire cap since I just cropped the IM for this. It has the Stickam chat up, and my friend without a shirt or bra on, covering up her boobs.
    Shit, I ramble.

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