StickyDrama recently received an interesting email from Seth Quinter.  Seth claims to have been a high school classmate of Stickam rapist John Hock at Willow Canyon High School.  Attached to the email were two shocking photos of Hock … shocking because—we’re almost ashamed to say—he looked pretty damn suckable before his rumored meth addiction.

Seth added:
Okay so I went to high school with John thought I’d plaster his  photo’s because I was the guy that tried to help him and he is still  acting like an idiot maybe him going to jail might make him change  HOPEFULLY we were friends in high school we didn’t know what the  ‘scene’ was but I have to say it wasn’t corey that helped him figure  out what it was infact John used to do anything to fit in he even  tried the whole goth thing lol he looked like an idiot but so did I  he needs help but I’m these photo’s are too hard to let pass by…..


  1. Hey wait a minute….Seth was the kid that was thrown out of school because of his ex girlfriends bestfriend told the principle that he was talking about killing people. Seth hung out with John like way before he started moving state to state he wasn’t a follower they were gonna start a christian band and then they broke a window accross the street from Johns house and they didn’t talk after that. About like almost 2 years ago Seth asked John to just come home go to church and he was talking about going to another girls house accross the country but instead came to church to hang out with Seth during the church service john started cursing and getting pissed off so Seth went to the back to talk to him and after church john left and never talked to him again Seth was never gay and he never talked about john to me when we were friends so he never followed john. Seth was wrong for writing this but I would have done it too I have the yearbook but forgot he was in it. You guys need to just leave john and seth alone.

  2. Anyone that assumes I ever was a follower um well you need to understand one thing NEVER did I once follow anyone and um when I was bi not gay never did I once think John was hot infact when I was that way the only guys I’d ever go for looked like model’s trust me I know better than that. You don’t know me obviously because emo? Seriously? NEVER was emo my hair looked like it but me actually I was never emo! Also you need some correcting because I’m not dating anyone and my wife doesn’t look like a vampire! Yes it was high school so I just thought everyone wanted to see what he looked like in high school. Also I was KICKED out of high school for a dumb reason not even proven! I almost finished high school and I have a great career in the Vision field. So yeah obviously if you “KNOW ME” then you need to step up your stalking meter and do a better job! Stop talking about me like you know me you wish you did! I won’t respond to this page anymore just thought I’d up date your mind on things you “know” Please don’t talk about me anymore just like me it was high school get over me just as I’m done writing on here about him this is an old post and I wouldn’t do this again if I had the chance.

  3. Seth, you were always a follower. You still are. You went Emo and goth and then …gay for a little bit and now your engaged to some vampire lookin weirdo. If you didnt follow him then fuckin let him go. Go pay attention to your weirdo and less to John. John did do something terrible, I’m not going to defend him but it pisses me off when wanna-be’s like you dont let go of HIGHSCHOOL. Oh yeah, you dropped out JUST LIKE JOHN DID! I KNOW YOU SETH! You woulda sucked that kid off if he gave you a chance. Seth, your still gay.

  4. Wtf is hockfest? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t follow anyone and never did so please stop your jealous judgements. I’m not a poser let alone know what hockfest is so please get your facts straight!

  5. You did follow Hock seth! He was anything but a follower. Just remember who put together “Hockfest”? John did. He is and will always be the original scene king. Get off his butt and get your own life poser!

  6. Hey dude that said I “followed” john how about you pay more attention to people infact if you really knew what happend behind the scene’s you would know I never followed john and never will and to be honest this website is exactly how he really looks one time I told him to come to church he smelt so bad and looks just like this photo looks so don’t blame sticky for that! I only did this because I tried to help him and he didn’t want to so I joined everyone else in bashing him! Also stop being afraid and use your freaking name. I only dressed like john ONCE and that was when he tried the goth thing other than that I did the whole “punk” style the person if anyone that I followed was chris s. you should know who that one is. Remember I was the one that treatened to kill everyone and “I should be lucky he even looked at me?” are you kidding? If I knew he would have been a low life I would have felt dirty. GET OVER YOUSELF STOP FOLLOWING HOCK!

  7. oh yeah and how does meth make your nose like a fillion times huger?! he got a nose job to make it bigger he also got an eye job
    and a blowjob in the stockroom of k mart by my dog dicalic

  8. John is and will always be the original “scene king.” He is still hot. Of course this site put up the worst pic they could possibly find of him. That’s what they do. That’s why they have the disclaimer. It’s sad to see some of John’s fans turn their backs because of a website that vowed to destroy him, and that’s what they did. All this just for ratings sticky???? John didn’t rape that girl. For all of you who believe a tabloid site, shame on you! Seth, your an idiot. I went to HS with john too. You followed him around like a puppy dog. You should be thankful he even looked your way. You were the follower. You followed John and look even now, you can’t let him go. You comment on all of his youtube vids and now sending in these pics. Let it go brotha! Your almost as pathetic as sticky is! Support Hock!!!!

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