EXCLUSIVE! Gage Arthur: “@JeffreeStar Drugged, Tazed and Raped Me”

Gage Arthur, a former Stickam entertainer who was never hugely popular in terms of social media following but was very...

Jessi Slaughter Now Says Dahvie Vanity DID Rape Her After All

StickyDrama writes under quarantine in downtown Los Angeles, 2020 having cloaked the world in darkness. It’s a very different place...

CONFIRMED: @BOTDFmusic Lead Singer Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Felony Sex Assault in Colorado...

The Arapahoe County Sheriff confirmed in a telephone call with StickyDrama that Dahvie Vanity, lead singer of the popular emo...

@JessiiSlaughter to Appear on "Good Morning America" @GMA

@JessiiSlaughter's dreams of fame might be realized. The 11-year-old girl who skyrocketed to e-fame as videos of her "emotional breakdown" racked...

StickyDrama Responds to Rape Blogger @Abyss2hope’s Post on Hock Sex Assault

Earlier this year Abyss2hope, a Google blog "centered on date rape" and operated by Marcelle Chester, published an article about...

@PrettyNicki in Los Angeles With 17-Year-Old Hacker Cody Collier, aka Too Live, aka coll1er

StickyDrama was taking the subway back home from Ikea with Amor Hilton and Parker Tammen, when guess who we bumped...

Have Caps of Richard? The News Needs YOU!

Today, a reporter at a highly-respected national news outlet contacted StickyDrama for the purpose of obtaining photos, videos and conversations...

In the Butt

Usually Myspace drama is lame---how exciting can a few pissy messages be? But throw in a videocamera and sodomy, and...
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