StickyDrama deems it imprudent to post images of one’s children online.  With all the wackos out there, it’s just not safe.  Unfortunately some people don’t think as we do.  People like Paul Ku.
Paul is a Stickam employee—a marketing manager. Another Stickam employee, Scott Flacks, once said, “Security and Stickam go hand in hand.” But how secure is it to post images of your very young child on a website everybody knows is a crawling with pedos?
It is natural for parents to be proud of their children and want to put them on display.  That’s fine when the picture is in your wallet.  But shouldn’t parental pride take a back seat to the safety of online anonymity?  StickyDrama can’t think of even one good thing that could arise from Branden Ku’s image floating around on the internet, but we can sure as hell think of about a million bad things.
If this is how careful Stickam employees are with their own children, how careful are they while monitoring other people’s children?


  1. Anonymous said,January 20th, 2010 at 10:13 am
    I take it from this fail post that Sticky is trying to make Stickam look bad.. even though he lost in court the other day?
    >> lmfao. he who represents himself has a fool for a client isn’t that what they say sticky or have you not gotten that far in law class yet?

  2. Leave the guy alone… So what if he puts his children’s picture in there. It’s not like he’s doing anything wrong. Who ever posted this fail post should get a life…

  3. So Sticky, by saying Stickam is full of pedos that pray on little kids & Sticky you are stating the kid is going to plowed by some fag (like your self), does this mean you are calling out for attention before you hunt down the boys address, follow Paul home from the office which you now live a few blocks from? Watch your corn-hole Paul.

  4. It is kinda creepy that he posted so many pictures of his kids though.. Stickam is a public place. If he wants so many pictures of his kids on the internet he should have put them somewhere like Myspace where it can at least be private so creepers won’t be poking around.

  5. the fact that hes posting so many personal images on stickam is rather odd, even if he does work for stickam. theyre just too personal for such public profiles, keep that shit on facebook or something


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