Hey0oxjon is a rarity among hackers: He’s handsome, loyal & has a nice fat p33n.

Vote for this cutie—or he’ll own you.


  1. jon jon jon now there’s a long list of things i could say to you but the top of that list would be thank you thanks for having alexx take n00dz with your name on her body, and i know that it’s your name what other jon did she used to talk to in stickydrama? hmm you, not too many people on stickam even spell their name like yours. so thank you for getting her n00dz u were the first guy to get her naked but you weren’t the last

  2. i dont understand how this middle american piece of trash even got into eye candy. i didn’t know goatees, american eagle polos, and 7-11 sun glasses were cute. btw jon, popped collars died about 3 years ago. so did your fake ass 5950 hat. ha


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