NBC News, ABC News, CBS News and of course FOX News reported today from Phoenix, Arizona, that infamous Stickam Entertainer John Hock turned himself in and was arrested on charges of rape and “surreptitious videotaping.”  A few days eariler, on May 26, Phoenix police received evidence of the rape, which StickyDrama and hundreds of other Stickam users witnessed:

Most versions of the report contain some incorrect information.  Hock did stream the assault while Live on Stickam, but never recorded it and never posted it.
Furthermore, StickyDrama never posted the video either, and so it is not true that “the video was taken off the site.”  Phoenix police executed a search warrant on our web host, but were unable to find the video since it was never uploaded there.  After StickyDrama learned of the police investigation, we voluntarily sent our recording to the Phoenix Adult Sex Crimes Unit.
Hock’s former friend Geoffrey Paris confirmed:


  1. Hock is going to beat this. Just wait and see. He has a ton of support and a great attorney… There are two many holes in the evidence, he has a great Attorney, and the media is blowing it waaaaaay out of proportion… He’ll be back…just wait and see with your own pretty little eyes! Support Hock!

  2. “Some online users posted messages saying they can’t wait to have sex with him once he’s out of jail, while others say he’s getting what he deserves.”
    They are toootally referring to “I am legal, btw”s post. XD

  3. From ABC:
    Jonathon Richard Hock is the subject of fan sites and anti-Hock sites, and there are even Hock imitators.
    Following his arrest this week, some online users posted messages saying they can’t wait to have sex with him once he’s out of jail, while others say he’s getting what he deserves.

  4. so i just herd on fox 10 news thatjohn hock claimed he wanted to become a pastor. when i herd that i broke up in laughter.. i mean honestly, hock a pastor? not in a million years would that ever happen. he can never give up the raping, drugs, and getting drunk.

  5. They don’t rape in jail. They handle that in PRISON!!!!!!!! Sucks to be him. He’d better hope for some jail time and probation.

  6. It is quite interesting to think that when John was on here 3 maybe 4 years ago, and he kept a low profile, mainly because of the size of stickam, he was doing fine.
    Now that stickam has expanded and has a much larger viewer base, he got fucked by the pure odds of the situation.
    He had to have known this was going to eventually catch up to him. He has done this many a time, and not only that but demoralized many girls in his path.
    It is of course the decision of the girl in each situation to come forward, I just hope they make the right decision, not feel as though they are going to be scrutanized and provide information.
    The fact of the matter is that John had all opportunity to change, and make all of his past decisions void, sadly he just waited to long to do so.
    One thing to think about, the nation will now have two grand canyons… that meaning Johns ass hole and the big gaping hole in the earth.

    i never thought i would see this day come. what a sweet, sweet, ending.
    so i searched google for his arrest details, and this came up in urban dictionary:
    3. John Hock
    stickam celebrity, has a square but beautiful head. has hair longer then his dick, and loves the ugliest girls.
    John Hock is DTF
    he is gonna get torn like 5 new assholes in jail..ROFL

  8. hahaha.
    Now I won’t have to deal with him and all the underage girls he surrounds himself with.
    Yeah I’ll see him in LA next club photobooth I run. RIIIIIIGHT.
    I’m glad he finally got what he deserved.
    I can only hope other girls come forward too.
    I like how he thinks this is no big deal.
    That he didn’t do anything wrong to turn himself in.
    “@amorhilton im turning myself in i dont think i did anyhitng to get too mcuh trouble”
    His cellmates will rape him now.
    Minus stickam unfortunately.

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