The Hock Online Empire blew its last flat tire. He may not have been banned from Myspace like he has been from numerous other sites, but that was for the better because tonight, something better than a myspace ban occured before many watchful eyes.

The post first surfaced in Mydrama about 9:40PM EST. A small team of individuals obtained access to John Hock’s Myspace and main AIM accounts. They quickly worked to deface and obliterate Hocks approximate 40,000 friend count and cruise through his messages posting n00dz of girls dumb enough to give them to Hock. The friend count hit rock bottom and saw John there. Now his top four are the ones who brought him down.

Truly epic work. All his work, all his efforts evaporated in a matter of minutes. The best part was watching the friend count diminish till finally there was not a single friend. Right where it belonged.

Center for Lollatology <3


  1. There was no fall of hock. Just because his myspace was hacked. if he wants a new one he’ll make a new one. You guys need to remember a few years back his myspace was hacked and he just made a new one. His “e-fame” is in no way over. Look everyone on here keeps talking about him. And the comment above is right. If you stop talking about John this website would suck ass!

  2. Damn you people are pathetic. Even now that he has lost his stickam fame you cant let it go. When will you see satisfaction? Funny how all the haters are the ones who can’t stop watching the train wreck. Move on losers, quit beating a dead horse. Oh yeah and….go fuck yourselves. 🙂

  3. Personally I don’t give a rats ass about John but that Joel dude needs to get a life and get fuck. What is he trying to do? be the next John Hock? Sorry ass wipe you will never ever get close to e-fame like he did. Btw the whole hacked part is fuckend ridiculous that goes to proof that guy and whoever was behind it has NO life. Come on people stop obsessing over Hock. I mean shit this whole site is mostly about Hock so if it wasn’t for him and people obsessing over him this site would suck ass!

  4. AV & Sticky, you should put a vote up and see how many people on here think AV wants to suk John off and that’s why there’s so much animosity!

  5. Awww, I think it’s cute how all his little scene fan girls are going bat shit.
    I sure hope John dies. That will be the best day of my life.

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