In late November, we posted an article with a simple critique about Lil Miss Paige. We pointed out that she may have let go of herself a bit while nurturing her newly founded business. She followed through with a video response which was posted on her profile. She admits in the video that she doesn’t ‘give a fuck’ affirming our critique. She lays it on pretty thick claiming posts like that are contributing to things like the recent webcast suicide that had happened a few days before her post was published.

We are pure as the wind-driven snow… and contributing to no such thing as webcam suicides. How dare she?! If anything, we are fighting to distract those who would have self destructive thoughts! We deserve a fucking Nobel peace prize bitch! jk. But she does look great in the video. In the interest of fairness and hearing both sides, we thought we would share it.

Oh and Merry Xmas!

Center for Lollatology <3


  1. Paige is soo damn fine with or without makeup not to mention intelligent. Dick would be sooo far up in her. 🙂 Mmm

  2. THATS SO FUCKING STUPID. OBVIOUSLY SHES WEARING FUCKING MAKEUP. lips arent naturally fucking glossy like that, and i doubt she stopped at putting on lip gloss. id bet my fucking pay check that shes wearing concealer and fucking eye makeup, too. FUCKING JOKE.

  3. This post is a true fail.
    paige is beautiful with and without make up.
    shes a person of true word, and shes smart as hell.
    stickydrama can have some amusing posts but other times it can be just over board completely. even some of the my drama posts are fucking pathetic.
    and all we ever see is the same story over and over and over again.

    ps check out
    thanks x

  4. You are beautiful and you know it….fuck these pieces of shit who hide behind their screens and insecurities by trying to put gorgeous people like you down.You know better then that…

  5. shes so dumbbbbbbb

    hey beeetches, you wannna talk shit ? welll blah blah contribute to the problem

    bitch, shut your asss up!

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