As Elliot clearly states on his Stickam Profile:

Recently the Center For Lolatollagy released a short piece on the cum-quad Elliot Weisberger – aka Elliot Ben-d-me over. It was fun to write & click publish on that article. It was better than any blasting orgasm in our recent memory. That being the case, were back for seconds. Well actually thirds being that we christened the HMS CFL when our cocksucking cruise set sail on the front page with an article about him as well.

Wondering who Elliot Weisberger is? Well, he isnt worth your time unless you like his Pokemon surprises from his deep, loose asshole. But if you just want the quick & to the point summary, the Urban Dictionary did a truly marvelous job:

In his spare time he likes to be cast in plays at Clay High school like The Wizard of Wonderland as the South Bend Tribune writes (backup). Im sure that was precious if the fggt was cast correctly as one of those flying monkeys. Had I known you were so close to Notre Dame Elliot, Id have stopped over for some sexy martinis with you after the game, maybe finger you a lil bit?!

E & M Creations (Elise and Martin Creations) is apparently run straight out of Elliots house! Our best educated guess is that it really just a scam bizz probably for laundering money and keeps Elliots internet connection going. (Partially joking – its likely a fake business for write-offs to save money. Unless of course his parents really run a business with just the two of them as general contractors for single family houses)


Turns out his dad Marty wanted to be e-fame too for minutes enough to create his myspace. Or maybe it was to find random, rough n tumbled, free-range pussy in South Bend! His profile was never very personalized. He befriended a young boy. js. Ohhai Mr Ben-Weisberger!!!! Youve managed to raise a wonderful lil mean-spirited cocksucking son! (No guarantees this is his dad but the info lines up and i buy it) (backup)

Apparently hes also packing a criminal record in multiple states, but I didnt care to pay for those records, or smear him too badly being that it wasnt exactly his choice that genetics took a holiday on that fateful night Elliot was conceived in a stagnant brew of rotten semen and runny vagina mucous.

Elliot, I have an idea, go back over to your emo_fag podomatic account and do podcasts You never created a Stickam for fun, but only for your pursuit of fail fame. Your friends at your school pushed you away for long enough that it bored you into thinking you could make it your online profession, you FUCKING loser.

See you on Stickam in the future when your career blossoms into all you can be:

Listen to your ex girlfran d00d:

Just get your crayon set back out and go do podcasts about all the lil Pokemon hiding in your asshole. And stop talking shit to me on AIM! Keep runnin your mouth cunt, just not to me. <333333 Have I gone too far? I know hes young but hes such a lil fuck head.

Center For Lollatology <3

(None of these posts are guaranteed to have correct information – nor does the CFL give a damn about that.)


  1. yeah i mean get a life . stickam doesnt really count as a hobby . when you live on the internet you might as well be dead . your def someone stickam could live without <3

  2. So he messages my saying he’s going to “pay me back” for what i did.

    quick question, does anyone actually think what i said was meant to be hurtful?
    it was honest, and elliot’s freaking out.
    dammit he’s so dumb.
    im over trying to help.

  3. LMFAO ^^ kylehoff…. ‘good that his info isnt legit i guess.’

    Little do you know that it was all legit. Which is why elliot played it off in his live then goes running to sticky to not only get the picture of his dad and numbers taken out but also tried to have the entire post taken down by contacting stickam attorneys who only told him go see kiki’s mom.

    It was legit.

  4. Why do any of you actually care about this moron named ‘elliot ben’
    He’s some idiot that sits on stickam all day doing absolutely nothing. If you beat him at rankings he automatically goes” I hate you nao because blah blah.
    He’s obsessed with being live and ‘being famous’ when it really isn’t gonna happen, I doubt the kid can even find a talent agent that would stick with him.
    I enjoy Lol@you’s post and you all need to just grow some and stop fan boying/girling over some kid that’s too stuck up to even care.

  5. god lolatyou really does suck, this post was absolutely worthless. All he did was promote himself with his other shitty posts. Sticky please REMOVE this faggot from posting on stickydrama it really makes this site lame.

  6. Just reading Elliot Ben’s comments to this post is making it more and more clear to me how much of a piece of shit he really is.

    Elliot, you’re an annoying, what, 18? year old jew who does, indeed, resemble an ugly rodent with little to no social life besides that of which you are now obsessed with… Stickam.

    Everyone who is bitching- Shut up. You’re all just whiney bitches, no one gives a shit what you have to say. More power to lolatyou, fuck Elliot Ben, he’s beyond a fucking waste. He’s incredibly useless. Honestly, who the fuck tells their girlfriend they’re going to be ‘famous on sickam’? Jesus fucking christ kill yourself.

  7. Off topic, but I went to the Noodz section…and there is nothing but guys. It’s sickening, if you’re going to have a noooooooooodz section at least specify that it’s MALE NUDES.

  8. ^^ EXACTLY!

    okay, you can hate Elliot, that’s fine.
    but.. if someone hated you. and then went
    and posted your personal information around..
    you’d be pissed, right? think before you do
    something. you’re not a third grader.

  9. Lolatyou- I really like your posts usually, but your last few about elliot have really taken it too far. Posting his personal information, pictures of his father, his address? That’s just wrong. How would you like it if someone put your shit out there? js.

  10. are you obsessed with elliot ben or something? ever since you came here you’ve wanted to post everything about him.
    Elliot, i’d watch seems some old ass faggot wants your dick.

  11. s2s this entire post made me laugh.
    i hate elliot.

    btw – the “young boy” that elliot’s “dad” has on his myspace looks like asher (elliot’s younger brother).

  12. Lolatyou, your ruining sticky.
    I prefer reading the shit in mydrama compared to this jelous, pathetic attempt at writing.
    Posting about his family and wanting to look at records is really stalkerish and creepy.

    You need to sort out your grammar, and find something to actually post about.
    Seriously, hardly anyone actually likes you here, gtfo.

  13. stickam has taken the better of him?
    i love reading stickydrama posts, but..
    if your sitting on this website
    posting people’s personal information
    for anybody to see, even if you do hate this boy..

    what does that say about you?

  14. whats with the elliot ben obsession?
    shall i take a guess?
    you came in elliots live one day..
    and you were like dayummm this jew is fineeee, so you asked him to go private.
    and he was like “heeeeeell no.
    your fugly, gtfo stickam”

    and youv been angry and heartbroken ever since.
    – same with bisante.

  15. your constant anti-semitism is really getting to me. to post someone’s personal contact information takes you to an all time low. you really come off jealous and hateful. it’s actually pretty pathetic. i don’t know why i read this stupid site from someone who seeks to be perez hilton fail fame – yes, you are a poser. the truth is that you are just adding to the hate that you can’t take yourself. where’s your personal information? you’re such a pussy. you love amor – she’s jewish? so what’s up with your jew hate? you don’t even know anything about it, do you? hipocrisy all the way. and by the way, you’re self hating gay self should curb your enthusiasm for the word “fag” because you’re just continuing down the path of teaching children how to hate you. pathetic.

  16. Don’t you have anything better to do than sit and post about the families of these kids. Who cares. Your next post will be “Yes, believe it or not, they have parents” This is lame and bullshit bringing up the parents, especially posting pics and personal info.

  17. He might suck, but it’s pretty dodgy to post his personal info even if he did register his domain with it. I couldn’t believe you brought his family into this, either.

    Seriously, who isnt on Stickam for some kind of personal, lame “fame” thing? You’re all kidding yourself if you think there’s any other reason for it. It’s a fucking exhibitionist’s paradise.

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