Online drama collided with reality this past Saturday, when Jeffree Star had Kiki Kannibal removed from the Orland nightclub The Social, second-to-last stop on the talentless singer’s “Jeffree Star Will Steal Your Man Tour.” Chris Lambert first brought word of the incident to our attention: On his Stickam account are photos taken that night in which Chris appears with both Kiki and Jeffree.

When apprised of Chris’s story, StickyDrama went to the root of all drama herself. Kiki confirmed both the pictures and story as genuine; she even referred us to a YouTube video explaining what went down from the perspective of Kiki’s friend Eddie, who had accompanied her, paid for her ticket, and is in desperate need of some Nivea eye cream.

Kiki and Eddie claim they were not even there to see Jeffree, but rather another performer. In point of fact Kiki and Jeffree never met; the Terrible Miss E, one of Jeffree’s female minions, did the cocksucker’s dirtywork for him. As Kiki was minding her own business, Miss E appeared and accused Kiki of having emailed Jeffree death threats prior to the show. Club security stood idly by as Jeffree’s management then escorted Kiki and Eddie from the building.
Our cheap-ass readerhip will no doubt be outraged to know that neither Kiki’s nor Eiddie’s ticket was refunded.


  1. “Diva” or should I say Jasmine? you need to calm down. have you looked at yourself your just like her. You took an online alias like she did, And then you went from like a brown color of hair to platinum blonde. and If you haven’t checked your pictures look way over photoshopped. Yeah Kiki photoshops but she doesn’t make it look as obvious as you.
    Just Saying.

  2. Kiki has a number of friends in Orlando. They are very private and trustworthy unlike some pathetic internet haters. Kiki isn’t hated in Florida; quite the contrary. It’s only been a handful of pathetic, psycho stalkers that have no life that have been the problem. This handful hasn’t even known Kiki in real life. People who actually know her and hang out with her find her very funny and very sweet. That’s the facts.

  3. I didnt know a crowd of people consisting of 5 or 6 people made you loved. I’m just stating what i saw and the lack of positive things i hear about you. I don’t know you but i doubt I’m high enough on the “Internet Popular” scale for you to even give me a chance.
    I do have one thing to ask.
    Is it true theres a recording of you gloating over Kelly’s death? That it’s on youtube?

  4. Kiki Kannibal gives out death threats like cookies.
    Bullshit she doesn’t threaten anyone. She threatened to sue me, and her mom was like I’m going to get you killed, and if you do anything I’ll let the FBI know.
    Kiki if you can’t handle the music scene, and competition, than don’t fucking leave your house.

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