StickyDrama today received an email from a local Phoenix reporter who had interviewed us on June 3.
Hock was indicted yesterday or the day before, which is the beginning of a lengthy process. It will probably be eight, ten months to a year before he either goes to trial or pleads guilty.”
As the reporter explains, Hock’s trial might not even begin until a year from now—unless he pleads guilty, which seems unlikely at this point.  An indictment is not a trial; an indictment is strictly to formalize the charges against someone.
Initial news reports stated that Hock was being held without bail.  StickyDrama is investigating whether that is still or will remain the case.  
If our readers have other questions for us to address in future updates, leave them in this post’s comments.


  1. By the way people … since everybody here doesn’t have a clue about legal matters in Arizona … In 2001 or 2002 the voters in Arizona passed a law that stated “any and all people charged with any type of sex offense are to be held without bond until at least the pre-trial court date …

  2. wow he really fucked up this time! i still love the moment when he snapped his fingers and told that dude “i’m the king of stickam bitch!’ *SNAP*

  3. STICKY, you need to throw a blowout “hock conviction” party when the date is annonced for the stickydrama community,,,,looking at all the negative responses towards hock, itd be a good turn out IMO

  4. this is not shocking, it usualy takes the courts a year to go to trial and as far him being released on bail. not gonna happen with his 2 old warrants and his evading of them

  5. nah cookie he will get credit for the first year he served. so if he gets 5 years like everyones saying he will only have to go for 5 minus the time he was already in there rotting while they got their case together

  6. they arent going to rush to get someone like hock through the system, the longer it takes for him to get to trail, the longer hes going to stay in jail. The cops obviously know they dont have enough evidence to convict him of rape, and no one is really coming forward to charge him with stat rape charges so i doubt that would even come into play… but then again i dont really know shit

  7. I wouldn’t be so sure. Plea deals are usually offered for two reasons. Either to get petty cases out of the way so DA’s can work on high profile cases, or to save the people the time and cost of a trial when the evidence isn’t a slam dunk.
    This is a high profile case and there is a video recording of the assault. There are going to be no easy deals on the table. Too much media coverage, too much evidence. DA’s only plead out when they have a reason to, and they have a lot of reasons not to in this case.

  8. Does anybody have his lawyers name?
    I’m a bit surprised he’s being held without bail. My friend was recently killed by a cop drinking and driving, he got bail. But then again that’s code blue for yah.
    If I were his attorney I would ask for a plea deal, and advise Hock to plead guilty. His sentence would be lighter and it would move this along faster. He’s going to be sitting in jail for almost a year now anyway.
    I just think there is too much evidence against him not to mention all of the witnesses who saw the rape.

  9. Maybe the jail will let Hock live broadcast his anal prison orgy on stickam. Least when he gets out he’ll have a new party trick; being able to shit out a melon.

  10. Yeah that was my point. Bail could be set at… well anything you can’t make 10% of sucking dick in jail, and it would be just as effective as no bail.

  11. where would he get the money for his 10% he has to pay for bail anyways cause he cant get on the net begging all those dumb kids for money now

  12. im actually kind of surprised this is taking so long to pan out.. my friend was part of a high-profile case involving a scottsdale police officer and her case is just now barely going to the courts..i just figured pedo would be like, priority cases haha idk..js..
    totally agree with STEVE, and lol @ sticky “lay eyes on hock irl”

  13. Uh oh. It’s prettyyyy hard to get no bail, although considering he’s tried to evade law enforcement before and it being a high profile case, it’s possible, but very rare. Usually the person would have to be a very, very serious flight risk to be held without bail, and I doubt his broke ass is, so I wouldn’t count on him being held for too long without some sort of bail being imposed.
    Although it probably wouldn’t have to be set very high to have the same effect.
    And yeah trials take fucking forever, whoever’s defending him is going to have a hell of a time preparing a case. If I were them I would stall like fuck too. Especially because with all the media attention there are not going to be any sweet deals with the district attorney on the table.

  14. Well, as the first news broadcasts on Hock were way off on the details, have they at least worked out how it all went down? As much as I’d want to see him found guilty and jailed, I feel there are too many inconsistencies and with the video not showing rape I think, with his lawyers providing good argument, all he’ll be found guilty of is a lessor charge.

  15. Yes, I did witness and record it myself. I told the police that too.
    I do not know if or when I will ever be summoned to Phoenix in order to be called as a witness.
    Given the glacial pace of American justice, even if I am called as a witness, that would be several months away.
    I can’t predict the future, but if I were summoned today or tomorrow, I would enjoy the trip, I would enjoy the chance to finally lay eyes on Hock IRL, and I would enjoy authenticating StickyDrama evidence in a real trial.

  16. I know that sticky had a screen recording of the incident. Did you screen record it, or did someone else who did send it to stickydrama? If sticky screen recorded it himself and witnessed it streaming live, will he, or perhaps other on-lookers, be called as witnesses?
    EVEN if she was a known whore, EVEN if she would have consented had she been coherent, she wasn’t.
    It’s like statutory rape: no matter how much the 14 year old says she wanted it, says she loves him, it’s rape. It’s really cut and dry. A good attorney might get him less time, but even a GREAT one can’t make this go away for John.

  17. LMAO^^^
    John Hocks birthday is this comming saturday!!!
    I can’t wait to talk/see his silly ass when he gets out.

  18. he’s still behing held without bail. so he’ll be in jail for a year for detainment, unless they get granted a bond, then court proceedings for his official amount of time to serve and conviction.
    he’ll be away for a while. wonder if he’ll get visitors.

  19. Hock is going to beat this. Just wait and see. He has a ton of support and a great attorney There are two many holes in the evidence, he has a great Attorney, and the media is blowing it waaaaaay out of proportion Hell be back just wait and see with your own pretty little eyes! You all loved him when he was a free man,why turn your backs now ? Support Hock !

  20. why does it take a fuckin year? they have evidence and he turned himself in. god what else could they possibly need?

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