StickyDrama wishes to clarify our policy regarding the identities of victims of sex crimes.
While it is illegal for a police officer or an officer of the court to reveal the identity of a victim of a sex crime, the law stops there.  As CNN explains nicely, the First Amendment trumps the victim’s privacy:  There is no law requiring StickyDrama or any other news source to conceal the identity of the victim of a sex crime, whether the crime involves a minor or an adult.  StickyDrama has sought legal counsel from 2 separate sources, and both sources confirmed CNN’s explanation of the law is indeed correct.
Nevertheless, many news organizations conceal the identity of sex crime victims as a matter of policy.  StickyDrama will do the same moving forward, and retroactively conceal the identity of the victim of John Hock’s February 26, 2009 sexual assault.  Only if the victim consents to our revealing his or her identity, shall we reveal it.
Danielle Alexandria and Tiffany Toast, two of Hock’s first known victims of consensual statutory rape, consented to StickyDrama’s revealing their identity.  So did Tam Cam, whom 29-year-old Drew Deviation is widely believed to have sexually assaulted when she was 15.  So did Roman Nikoles, who was 15 years old when told us that 21-year-old Curts enticed him to engage in sexually explicit conduct outside the United States. 
Kiki Kannibal publicly claimed to have been raped, but she refused to publicly identify her rapist.   Then StickyDrama posted images of her with Daniel Cespedes which, while not proving a sex crime, suggested an inappropriate relationship.  There is not much  evidence either way, but StickyDrama’s understanding is that what transpired between Kiki and Cespedes was consensual statutory rape, not forced rape.  After that post, she acknowledged that Cespedes was the person she claims raped her.
The victim of Hock’s February 26 assault never consented to her identity being revealed.  In fact, she has not responded to StickyDrama’s several attempts to contact her about the matter.  However, unbeknownst to most of the mainstream media, images of Hock and this victim had been circulating around MyDrama for weeks prior to that assault—because they were dating and appeared on cam together as a couple.  By virtue of Hock’s notoriety, her identity was fairly common knowledge even before the assault occurred.  
More significantly, what is typically a very secretive, private crime had this time occurred in the extremely public venue of Hock’s Live.  Hence the unprecedented crime, and this website’s reporting it, have been the subjects of heavy media coverage.
In that context, the victim of Hock’s February 26 assault is the only victim of a sex crime whose identity StickyDrama ever revealed without first obtaining their permission.  Nor has the victim refused permission—she simply has not responded to StickyDrama’s several attempts to contact her.
StickyDrama will allow MyDrama authors to decide for themselves whether to reveal or conceal the identities of victims of sex crimes in their own posts.  We recommend, but do not require, those identities be concealed.


  1. Kiki mentioned her statutory rape on camera in late 2007, I know because she was discussing it Live in reaction to Hock’s statutory rape of Danielle Alexandria.
    The Danny article wasn’t until much later. Check the dates of my Hock posts against that of the Danny post.
    Quit altering history to make Kiki seem innocent and me seem evil. It’s natural to want to defend your daughter no matter what, but she should be nobody’s role model or inspiration.

  2. At the time you posted the article concerning Danny, Kiki did not publicly mention anything. You jeopardized her safety as well as other minors. You gladly left her address up until the Planet requested you take it down. It was on the main page, and not in the “My Drama” area. Also, posting a hateful blog against Kiki and then posting an address that you researched implying it’s her home was done with the full intention of causing her harm. Why bother researching any address pertaining to Kiki under any article? BTW, your Stickam chat where you were drunk talking to your hacker friend about whether Kiki received “it” in the mail was documented. It just proves you have malicious intentions towards her. If you are going to write about her, write truth about her. I don’t think it is possible because you are so twisted. I think you actually believe your own lies. Kiki markets herself. If any adult in her family were truly marketing her as you insist, both she and her sister would be famous in real life, not just on the internet. The only internet activity the adults in her family do is try to protect her from nut bags like 30 year old men who have nothing better to do than hurt, stalk, and post libel about a minor. Chris fits into this category.

  3. Kiki publicly acknowledged having “went through” consensual statutory rape when she was discussing whether Hock should go to jail for committing statutory rape against Danielle Alexandria. StickyDrama is in possession of the video recording of her on-cam statement, made in her public Live:
    StickyDrama has never posted Kiki’s home address, nor her legal name. Some readers posted it in their comments here. StickyDrama deleted her address and name several times, until finally we blacklisted them from ever being posted again.
    The State of Florida posted Kiki’s address, because her parents set up the Kiki Kannibal Corporation through the Florida Department of State. Hence one of the many reasons StickyDrama believes that her parents’ decision to market their daughter as a product is detrimental to Kiki’s well-being.

  4. kiki NEVER acknowledged anything to you, nor did she ever want to speak about any of it. Chris should be sued. He lies and posts abusive, incorrect information in the name of getting views to line his pocket.

  5. kiki NEVER publicly mentioned she was raped. You posted that story from some kids messaging you about it. You posted the name of the minor who was a victim as well as her address. You are wrong and i think a class action lawsuit is in order for the others you have violated here also.

  6. Under the common law, victim’s privacy in sexual assault cases is guaranteed in United Kingdom. The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 1992 reads:
    If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, it is a criminal offence for anyone to publish the name, address, photograph or other details, which may identify you. This is unless, of course, the victim consents to it.
    I do think thats a good, moral law to follow. Although if the claims are found to be false *then* they should be named and shamed.

  7. The victim can however sue after you print his/her information.
    And many states DO have laws against revealing the information.

  8. Chris won’t get into trouble.
    Everything about anyone is public to EVERYONE. Just shut up about that.
    You go to any local(doesn’t even have to be local) news site, it has the address of every person who committed a crime and people who were victims. Yes, it should be private, but there is nothing we can do about it.

  9. it’s one thing to post her name or photo, but it’s another when you post HER ADDRESS. You know it was wrong, which is why you edited it promptly after you were informed. Speaking about John Hock’s situation is going to do nothing but get YOU in trouble, Sticky. I guarantee it. Mark my fucking words.

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