Disgraced statutory rapist John Hock sent StickyDrama an IM via AIM, minutes after our posting of Amor’s Myspace bulletin, in which his supposedly 17-year-old girlfriend announces that she is pregnant and homeless. Herebelow is the unedited convo in its entirety:
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:21 PM): wow why are you gonna post that?
stickydrama (11:48:34 PM): hmmm ?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:47 PM): dont play stupid
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:48:50 PM): stickydrama.com
?ITSJOHNHOCKKKK? signed off at 11:49:06 PM.
stickydrama (11:49:07 PM): why do you even care ? according to you she’s not pregnant.
?ITSJOHNHOCKKKK? signed on at 11:49:17 PM.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:27 PM): sorry aim died
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:29 PM): but yeah
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:30 PM): wtf?
stickydrama (11:49:31 PM): why do you even care ? according to you she’s not pregnant.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:42 PM): because i didnt want peopel ot know?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:49 PM): ever think
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:49:53 PM): about that?
stickydrama (11:50:06 PM): hahaha well her posting it to thousands of people killed that.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:19 PM): doesnt mean stickydrama has to repost it?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:25 PM): do you really think
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:31 PM): those thousands of people
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:34 PM): are all online?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:36 PM): no
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:43 PM): were actually looking for somewhere to stay
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:50:48 PM): cause we got kicked out of her granparents
stickydrama (11:51:57 PM): haha … I could have been MUCH meaner. I’m pretty tired tonight, didnt have the energy to write paragraphs.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:06 PM): hahahhahha so funny
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:15 PM): do you feel fucking cool posting shit like this?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:20 PM): that isnt anyone elses buisness
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:30 PM): espically fucking people on stickam
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:37 PM): notice im hardly live on stickam?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:52:44 PM): its cause i dont want people into my personal life anymore
stickydrama (11:53:06 PM): Maybe you should get your privacy issues resolved with Amor. Once she posts a bulletin its public info.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:19 PM): like i repeat
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:23 PM): do you have to repost the shit?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:24 PM): on a site
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:28 PM): where it will be
stickydrama (11:53:31 PM): yes.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:35 PM): for longer then a myspace bulletin
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:36 PM): why?
stickydrama (11:53:38 PM): even your pathetic fans
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:41 PM): what have i done to you?
stickydrama (11:53:42 PM): want me to do it
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:44 PM): to fuck you over
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:48 PM): i dont have fans
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:53 PM): if you havent noticed
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:53:56 PM): im pretty fucking hated
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:04 PM): and youre jsut showing everyone
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:05 PM): i fuck up
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:07 PM): i know this
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:09 PM): trust me
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:18 PM): you dont have to post it all over your site
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:54:23 PM): im not gonna get you viewers
stickydrama (11:55:51 PM): I report Stickam news … and Myspace stuff too now … and Amor posting a bulletn like that is of interest to lots of people. I dont care about viewers, I care about readers.
stickydrama (11:56:13 PM): and they want to read & comment
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:21 PM): nnotice no one cares about my shit?
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:27 PM): not even you ccare
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:44 PM): its not even about saying
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:45 PM): omg
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:47 PM): im pregnant
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:48 PM): no
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:53 PM): it was finding someine in LA to stay with
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:56:58 PM): cause we can only stay with her mom for aw eek
stickydrama (11:58:14 PM): She didnt have to mention the pregnancy. She did. She wants people to know.
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:59:54 PM): it doesnt matter, if she posted it, that doesnt mean that you have to print screen and put on your site foreveryone else to see
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (11:59:59 PM): theirs certain people i dont want seeing?
stickydrama (12:00:05 AM): hahahaha
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:20 AM): hahaha
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:21 AM): yeah
ITSJOHNHOCKKKK (12:00:25 AM): so fucking funny


  1. lol john is happy have a place of his own to live with his girl and future baby lol
    is it really your own?
    i doubt u pay any property taxes.

  2. Wow ” Kiki “, dear that isn’t my name. First off, ” cannibalism ” has nothing to do with the name Kiki. Get that threw your uneducated mind. Wadges do suck ass, and second of all I don’t go to a public school for that very reason that scholl systems are shitty. Way to know your facts dummy. Btw, Kiki and ” cannibal ” have no relations expect the missly spelled Kannibal, which she fully states to be veg, which vegs do not con sume meat there for do not eat humans. Since Cannibalism is a human produce, and is consumed from human flesh. She can’t even eat a cow, don’t disrespect my name. ;p

  3. The stickam celebs really need to understand the gravity of being a celeb. Your shit is going to be all over the place no matter what you do, which should encourage these celebs to quit fucking up. its a sacrifice for being famous John… DEAL WITH IT, the media is EVERYWHERE

  4. Queen cannibal states, “wadges suck ass here.”
    Simmer down kiki because apparently your schooling system does aswell.

  5. Well, correction to my self. It was a personal matter, it is now made public. And you see how john replies he apparently is self obsessed with the internet and needs medical help with ” internet socialist addiction disorder. ” further known as ” myspace, gaming, and other known forum ” addiction. Normally 9-13 year olds have it, and then loose it around 14+ but apparently john surpassed that. By far.

  6. Jasmine. They can handle their matters by being human beings in a working community, not freeloading. Yes this is a personal matter, one it shouldn’t have been posted on myspace. . Stickydrama can post what they please, which is the most pathetic thing to do is post a bulletin and then bitchy subhuman about oh, they have no place to stay. And or if she’s pregnant. It’s not like they are real irl celebs. . Even so who gives a fuck they have personal lives, but they care what 2000 of 20 billion people alive have to say? Holy shit. That’s quite sad, there’s a thing called self confidence. . This is the time to have it. Or gtfo the internet. John, you wanted to be known by people on the internet you got that, deal with it or learn to stay off the internet. Simple. Is it not? Yes it is.

  7. Holy shit. Sorry to put this oh so forward, everyone who agreed with john actually really doesn’t have a piece of mind. My cousin when she was pregnant worked for 5 bucks an hour until her water broke. No, there’s no pity for pregnant women, they get knocked up. .they are psychically able to deal nwith the pain and work full time. John is almost 20 years old, at 17 I would and will have a stable job to save up money for a house. Holy shit. He could atleast have a year and a half of rent saved back up if he would have got off stickam and started working, not getting drunk, or going to parties. News flash parties are only good if one, you have a stable place to live, two can afford all your bills, or apparently have some money saved up. Its pathetic because the 5 hours you spend out at a party you could earn a slighly good working day. My girlfriend works 45 hours a week so when im 17 we can afford an apartment paid in a years full. The only good thing john hock is good for on the internet is teaching young kids like me, get a job @ sixteen, save up for bills, emergencies, food, car and ect money. And then when you have that stable save up for kids. I feel no pity, they want to be attention whores, so be it. I’ve lived in oklahoma my whole life, wadges suck ass here. Even if the only job I could get was 4 bucks I would do it. Instead of begging to freeload. Im glad this was posted here, because it makes my ass jump on my studies, so I don’t end up like you. Thanks john, but sadly your a moron.

  8. Have they ever thought of something called “getting a job”? Instead of being loser couch cruisers seriously GET A FUCKING JOB IT ISN’T HARD, they have homeless shelters OMG STAY AT ONE TIL YOU SAVE UP MONEY. I swear people get more and more retarded these days.

  9. I agree with Kayvon.
    Rapist bastard shouldn’t fuck his fake bitch without protection.
    These problems wouldn’t happen then, now would they, John?

  10. How do you and Amor plan to pay for this child? How do you know you will not get kicked out of whereever you plan to live? Is Amor still drinking and smoking? Because if she is, she might as well abort the baby now because you will be up to your knees in medical bills if the child has any health problems.

  11. lol its dumb of him to aruge serously
    she didnt have to post the preggies part
    but stickydrama is what it’s name is
    and if it sees it
    it posts it :]

  12. It’s kind of a shame Amor was such an asshole to me.
    Unlike her I actually have a heart and would have let you two stay with me.
    Guess she fucked that one up herself.
    Sorry about what’s going down in your PERSONAL life-John.

  13. Tory xD OMG
    You are soooooo right
    Hes a Racist Peice of SHIT!
    He needs to find a good job.
    xD He reminds me of my sister.
    I like Amor she has done nothing wrong so far.
    Plus she has nice hair
    BUT Back to the “Hock”
    He just needs to get off the internet and realize that you cant depend on anyone but yourself
    And If you post and or do anything on the internet people are bound to find out someway.
    Internet is not a personal place you know.
    Well John Should know xD
    Everything he does people know about.
    So if his own damn fault people hate him
    But come on John start thinking of your future what if you do have kids where are they going to live? How are they going to get fed? How are they going to live pretty much?
    Start think “Hock” Maybe people will stop hating you if you get your fucking life together. :]


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