With his soulful eyes, fair complexion, and features that seem carved from marble, Jade is one of the most adorable boys on Stickam.

And fortunately for Stickam sugardaddies, he’s also one of the poorest. Why throw money away, Tom, when this one is cuter and cheaper?


  1. lol, he has horrible acne in rl, he cakes makeup to hide it. oh, and he takes longer then any female i know to get ready, he also ALWAYS, ALWAYS fishes for comments.

  2. You kids are still going on about it?
    Hm, must’ve really made an impact on the kids with bad childhoods or the kids who just have shit to do but bash.
    The guy grew up long ago, he deleted his stickam and original myspace long ago. I don’t think this kid cares anymore, so damn that sucks. Find something new to troll, or go out an exercise this one got old 40 years ago.
    Sorry your mothers all beat you and didn’t allow you on the computer after curfew.
    It’s okay, it’s only what?
    a year or 2 old?
    Made fun of kids in history? Who ever you are, you obviously never heard of NathanAMAZING or the stickam celebs.

  3. he’s a really talented music artist, i mean if all the other composers got hit by a huge comet and he was the only one left then sure hes chalk full of talent

  4. Seriously though this is one of the most made fun of kids in history. Olly sykes called man even eh thinks you’re gay!

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