John Hock’s viewers (and hecklers) might have noticed his new beauty mark.

The shiner was apparently delivered by Drew Deviation, with whom a very drunk Hock was recently hanging out. At the home of an unknown person, Drew went Live and began recording Hock … but not the fake, shallow braggart who hosts The John Hock Show. No; Drew preserved a rare glimpse at the immature, out-of-control mess that is the real Hock, the Hock that emerges when the webcam is turned off.

Sources close to the subjects describe how later that night, Hock became more violent and lunged at Drew. Drew, in self-defense, threw the bellicose male prostitute into a stove—giving Hock a black eye. In his Live the following evening, Hock claimed to have no memory of those events, appearing shocked and appalled by his disgraceful actions.
Interesting to note that Hock was so intoxicated, he claimed to be 24, then 22, and then again 24 years old. If this is true, then his numerous sex crimes against minors become a more serious matter: Most states consider a larger age discrepancy between victim and assailant to call for a more severe punishment; what would have been a misdemeanor could easily become a felony.


  1. as for the Comment left by:
    Anonymous said
    ,July 23rd, 2008 at 11:04 pm
    I didn’t know John was going to be there, plus He was already drunk before i got there. Sorry you think i was trying to Stage this full thing. People that were in my Live that night can tell you i was Live for a while and John was sleeping behind me. He work up right when I started recording. Plus, I didn’t even bring Alco with

  2. lol. i love it when john’s head hits the camera and all your see it black. hahha. wow, that really had nothing to do with this video. hahah. wow.

  3. I actually feel bad for him, I think he’s probably just really really confused.
    He’s living proof that people will do anytaangg for money, though. Which is kind of disgusting.

  4. Who really cares if he got drunk. No one on this stupid site can say they haven’t been drunk before. And let me say this… Drew is 29 what the hell is he hanging around 20 year olds getting them drunk in the first place. That in itself is a crime. I am in my late 20’s also and would never “hang” out with a 20 year old. Drew is pathetic. He totally got John drunk so he could stage this to get a little publicity & $$ for himself. Drew is sick! & Stickydrama is stupid for buying it. What kind of weird obsession do you have with Hock anyway? Stickypathetic is what this website should be called.

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