With his soulful eyes, fair complexion, and features that seem carved from marble, Jade is one of the most adorable boys on Stickam.

And fortunately for Stickam sugardaddies, he’s also one of the poorest. Why throw money away, Tom, when this one is cuter and cheaper?


  1. wow….you’re seriously stupid, like really stupid, obviously you’ve never met him or you “think” you did. Jade is adorable as all hell in person.
    He’s more then deserving of, “eye candy” if I say.
    gooo jadeeeeeee =D

  2. LOL ARE YOU FUCKNG KIDDING? JADE IS FINE AS FUCK IN PERSON, you must be retarded and dellusional.
    ily jadeeeeeee<33

  3. you know the funniest thing is? everyone Ive ever met in my life said I was either super cute or has tried getting ith me, and thats me w/o asking or trying for compliments or pushing for points, nice try, I know who both of you are who typed these.
    =D try again, and i love tony, who cares? its just a stupid competition.

  4. ew ha thats pretty disgusting.
    you people who think he is hot must have never seen him in person. orrrr you were fucked and had impaired judgement yo

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