Some naughy cocksucker—because only a cocksucker would care enough about Jeffree Star’s music—has leaked his unreleased album on a Myspace profile. The music did a good job of distracting from Star’s voice, and so was tolerable compared to his earlier work.


  1. Daumn Paulie, kudos to you! Can’t lie though, that CD cover was up and beyond what I was expecting it to look like. Here I was expecting another one of Star’s unearthly photoshoots with artwork that only a 2 year old could slap together.
    You should upload addable versions again, I really want Miss Boombox as a profile song since it like, defines me.
    Oh, I got an idea! Let’s have Brandon Hilton copy the photoshoot ideas from the album art! 😉

  2. ha ha i only like 1 song on the ep. :/
    i’m so glad it was leaked cause i’m never gonna buy any of his songs. they’re not worth it imo.

  3. Hate to say it but he’ll never be hollywood famous, hes disgusting IMO
    He has more make up on than a clown, and he cant sing.
    plus hes ugly as shit.
    Stinky Pinky needs to start being a man, he doesnt make a good woman.

  4. the four songs on there are all the unreleased songs on his CD, the other 2 songs on his CD are the ones on his myspace, lolli pop whatever and so fierce.
    so all the cd is:
    miss boombox
    lollipop luxury
    cupcake taste like violence
    picture perfect
    so fierce
    heart surgery remix
    go here to see for yourself:

  5. He knows what he’s doing, he’s not concerned with the money that he’ll make off of this. His vocals may suck and I may hate him for sending me hate mail for no reason at all, but he is a marketing genius. I’m willing to bank he knows it was leaked as early as a few weeks ago, after all I had the album weeks before this was even leaked and he’s probably not mad at the slightest but Warner’s isn’t allowing it to surface and is removed every time it’s posted on youtube or myspace.
    His goal is to further himself into Hollywood with the elite. CTLV has been put off for a while and even when you listen to the actual Cupcakes Taste Like Violence song compared to an advanced track like Miss Boombox, you can tell it was made a while ago. All he’s doing is testing how much attention he can generate with Popsicle Records both with fans and the new people he’ll pick up with his EP.
    Jeffree is annoying, but he knows what he’s doing.

  6. this album leaked a LONG time ago
    someone obviously downloaded the leak and posted it on myspace
    but they weren’t the ones to “leak” it.
    also, that myspace profile only has 4 songs
    the one I downloaded a few weeks ago has 7 tracks.
    I would hardly call this a leak.

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