Once one of the most beautiful and well known girls on Stickam, Little miss Paige has been focusing on her business side with her new project “Young Muscle Magazine“.

We are all for young women to step it up and take over the world, but is letting go of one’s appearance necessary? At least spending hours on Stickam, made her care about her looks a bit more.

We have a solution! Paige should go Live, at least once a week. If not to make us happy, than at least to help in some way bring back the Paige whom ladies and buttpirates adored and made straight boys feverishly fap.



  1. lolatyou, please put up a Before & After
    picture of yourself so that we can good
    idea what exactly youre talking about-
    to see where you’re coming from.

    Then we can really post vital and accurate
    comments on your shallow and superficial bullshit.
    Until then, take your lame and half-assed shallow
    posts and shove them up your ass!

    -Tony 2Times

  2. lolatyou, please put up a ‘Before & ‘After’ picture of yourself so that we can good idea what exactly you’re talking about. Then we can really post vital and accurate comments on your shallow and superficial bullshit.

  3. you bitches are all really pathetic, this may be old, but all you do is sit behind your computer talking shit about eachother, gaining more and more weight the more you sit there…. she luckily got away from this fucking scene and lost weight and made it in life, where are you all going? you can’t even get jobs because of how disgusting you all are…. JS..

  4. OMG PAIGE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP. SHES GORGEOUS INSIDE AND OUT. SHES A FASHION ICON FOR ME LOL. SHES JUST GREAT and she does not look bad in eaither picture and yes i look like that without makeup she still looks great. an i bet u all the people talking shit looks worse then her.

  5. This is Sexy Scotty Talking and She is still pretty don’t talk shit because you wish you looked like her!!!!! OK if you wear makeup all the time and when you have no makeup on you don’t look the same!!!! Everyone knows that and if you don’t your on crack. I’m so sick of see shit about before and after shit like get new shit to talk shit about or just kill your self ass hole!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow, without make-up, that’s quite the difference. That’s why you should never put too much on, because when people see you without the stuff, they’ll run.

  7. LOL IDGAF .. go to my facebook and myspace to see my new pics.
    I work out now, so go play on the computer alittle more and keep flattening that ass.. and maybe try to fuck yourself with your tiny little dicks.

  8. she looks like amy winehouse in the second one.

  9. Actually, she’s better looking in the second picture than in the first.
    She’s natural and lost weight.

    Also, I remember seeing what she USED to look like when she first became a Dirty Shirty Girl and EW.
    I prefer what she looks like now greatly over what she used to.

  10. she looks way prettier in the more natural picture.
    in the other shes too fake.
    and it looks like she got skinnier

  11. the first one is horrible
    it’s too over done and fake
    the second is fine
    she just needs to fix the patchy tan/make up on her forehead in the second
    and get some sleep
    she’s gorgeous

  12. Her skin doesn’t look as good in the right because it isn’t all photoshopped to hell. But overall she looks WAY better in the second picture. She pretty much looks like a cheap hooker in picture one.

  13. uhh it’s called having a bad picture without any makeup? i’m sure she takes care of herself…but still she looks gorgeous in the second picture

  14. She didn’t “let go” of anything. Her appearance was photoshop. Well, that and a few pounds of makeup.

  15. She looks like a drag queen on the left, what the hell are you guys talking about. She looks like a pretty girl on the right. 😛

  16. ugh. No wonder she photoshops so bad. I don’t even know the girl but she fails!!!! Is this the Paige the camel fucked???

  17. I’ve gotten to meet/hangout with Paige in real life, and she is absolutely beautiful. And she’s not fat either. She’s short and adorable. End of story.

  18. I think she’s like j ok. She changes for her man. Like when she was with Kayvon she almost looked like him in some weird way.

    Now she must be dating an avrerage guy. She looks like a normal girl on the street to me. I wouldn’t turn my head. Plus she seems to photoshop alot.

  19. I think she looks gorgeous without makeup

    all you guys commenting this and calling her ugly are only doing it cause you know you could never get a girl like that irl, imo, js

  20. She looks like an airbrushed, overdone piece of shit in the before picture and naturally good looking in the second.

    I don’t know this broad, but she definitely didn’t “let go of her appearance” by not curing the fuck out of pictures.

    Grow the fuck up, nigger.

  21. Oh come one, because she isn’t all done up she’s not attractive?
    Fuck that.
    I think she looks gorgeous in the right picture, even more so than the left.

  22. I think she looks bad in both pictures
    She just needs to take care of her appearance a little more in the one on the left
    and she’d be perfect
    picture on the right is over done

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