Behold Jeffree Star in the 8th grade:


  1. he’s really not that terrible looking, i mean he does have the dorkiest haircut in the world, but if it was a bit longer (say to cover the ears) and styled better he’d look pretty good! or is that just me? lol

  2. oh his new nose, ears, jaw and lips. and all that collagen.
    i mean i know a lot of people who looked silly in JH, myself included. it’s an awkward phase and given all this internet attention he’s been caught in a few awkward phases. musically, physically and otherwise. so i don’t see how different this picture is. he’s just a person like everyone else.

  3. Dude, you can totally see all the work he has had done since then. So when do we get see Gad God’s JH photo? That boys has had some botched plastique work done lately. And I want to compare.

  4. At least Jeffree made something with his life. Whether any of you guys approve of it or now. He’s happy and does what he loves to do. Who cares what he looked like in High School. We all change. He may be a flaming homo who looks like a girl and wears a shit ton of make up, but he’s doing what makes him happy, and he’s successful at it. Let the guy alone. I wish more people could pursue dreams and make something of them.

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