Get Away With Murder

JEFFREE STAR (new VIDEO out NOW!!!) | MySpace Music Videos

Jeffree Star’s new music video “Get Away With Murder” has finally premiered on the front page of Myspace, after much hype and fanfare among scene trannies and fat girls.  While no one would ever find Jeffree’s music on StickyDrama’s playlist, we do think he deserves props for pushing all-male orgies into the mainstream media.  Gratz, faggot!


  1. I like when the dancing in the silver outfit starts.
    It’s the best part.
    It would have been. Better if he made theme of the video to match the song! Like him making his ex jealous or something.

  2. lets pull up them pics when he was a child raping teen..haha.
    seriously, i’m scared.. worse than that gay lambert douche

  3. @xxrufi0xx
    Do you have any idea how many songs have the same name or similar names?
    Plus, papa roach suck balls and no one gives a shit about them anymore.

  4. it kinda scared me, too much guys, I’m even gay, I just think its way too much guys in the video and it doesn’t make any sense. it scared me.

  5. It’s okay. I mean, it has a melody and he doesn’t say “cunt” 50 times… by his standards it’s good.
    The video is alright too. I don’t like him but I don’t have too much to criticize here.

  6. Rammstein pushed an all gay orgy into media with Mann gegen Mann
    jeffree is a disgrace to faggots everywhere.

  7. song name = get away with murder,
    PAPA roach’s song= getting away with murder, couldnt think of a diff name.. really?

  8. lololol front page of myspace is hardly ‘mainstream media’ maybe if it was facebook. Myspace is dead.

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