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John Hock Infects Jenny Thompson With STD; Brookie & Koti Respond To His Voicemail


Jenny Thompson, self-proclaimed Targé employee extraordinaire and the allegedly retarded offspring of a drug addict mother, made the extremely unwise decision to welcome John Hock into her home. Old news, sure—there will always be dumb stickam sluts hungry for the views attendant on Hock’s popularity.  But StickyDrama deemed it newsworthy that Jenny recently confided to her friend Heidi Lee that Hock might have orally infected her with a sexual disease.

Incredibly, Jenny doesn’t seem to be very concerned. In fact she’s throwing caution into the wind, sharing chapstick (or herpes medication) with the very person who might have infected her:

Not smart.
Evidence of Hock’s promiscuity—and the obvious consequences arising therefrom—is largely anecdotal but nevertheless overwhelming. Many of his personal acquaintances insist he has some type of STD: After he had committed statutory rape against her, Danielle Alexandria claimed that Hock had chlamydia; his former good pals Brookie and Koti Clarke mention crabs, among a few other lulzy tidbits.

Aside from warning Hock’s fans of his sexual health, the above video was Brookie’s response to the psychotic voicemail Hock left her which was posted a few days ago in MyDrama. Hock blamed Brookie for the demise of his relationship with Ericka, a close friend of Brookie; Brookie had alerted Ericka to Hock’s online infidelities.
So to sum things up: If you welcome Hock into your home, he’ll infect you with venereal disease, spam your phone number, cost you hundreds of dollars, harass your friends and kick you in the head. Form a line, girls!


  1. My personal opinion of Hock is a good one. I’ve talked to him before and he’s a nice guy. Wasn’t a perv or anything.
    But, if you’re dumb enough to slum around with him then you deserve every bit of what you get.

  2. we all know how pathetic john hock is that really didnt need to be said but it doesnt bother me that it was . it was actually pretty amusing . john is a piece of shit and im glad its full circle. good thing i never drooled over his dumb ass like so many of you did . ugh stupid rapist

  3. LOL @ Kiki still trying to say she goes to college when she’s like 16.
    Are you cooler now? Because you’re in college? You’re special, right? WOW. You and the rest of the fucking world, hun.
    Taking an online class along with pathetic “modeling in my undies homeschool” doesn’t mean you’re in college.
    It means you’re an ignorant little bitch who, JUST LIKE JENNY, sits on the fucking internet all day.
    She’s on myspace and stickam all day?
    OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE TOO. Look what you’ve done to get your pathetic e-fame.
    Added a bunch of people.
    Had your parents take pics of you and your 11 year old sister.
    Fried up your hair.
    Sucked up to other pathetic e-idiots, like Jeffree Star.
    Made pathetic little necklaces out of plastic.
    You’re old fucking news, Kiki.

  4. normally I think all of this stuff is stupid…because…well it is…but apparently I found myself reading this stuff just to see what people are saying about my sister and lo and behold I’M mentioned in here…wtf? WHY?? It’s really weird to me, because I have nothing to do with any of this. I have never even talked to any of you people…I have 210 myspace friends…cuz they’re all people I know in real life…cuz…I like to hang out with people in REAL life instead of behind a webcam…
    but anyway, I get really offended when you bring ME or my family in to this when I/we have nothing to do with Jenny’s life or what she does!
    My mom didn’t go on drugs until AFTER Jenny and I were born due to complications from our birth…also our Dad left my mom once she was in prison and we grew up with him in a rich town and we had a good life after that…
    My mom NEVER went to a mental institution and she NEVER molested us…even if she did that is a TERRIBLE thing to make fun of someone for! Also, she’s in a wheelchair because she was hit by a drunk driver and had to get her leg cut off. That was 8 years after she’d been sober and out of prison and was working for a shelter for beaten women.
    And wtf? I am NOT fat! I weigh 104lbs and I’m 5 foot six! I think I look DAMN good for having 2 kids!
    WTF? I was actually taking Kiki’s side for a while, but then randomly attacking me and my family…what is that going to do? what did we do to you?
    And I know that you’re probably trying to use the age difference between my husband and I to say that it’s okay to date a 24 year old when your 16…*creepy by the way* But please don’t. It’s not even anywhere close.
    And about Jenny still having pictures and stuff of Josh…He was still a big part of her life. If you love someone a piece of them is always with you. If she still has the memories, why not keep the pictures? Okay..now I sound stupid and mushy..ha
    I know I’m not very good with this internet lingo and all that jazz, because I have a life and I’m not trying to be “e” famous…but I just wanted to clear up the things that were being said about me and my famly…
    so uh let the bashing begin..I guess 🙁

  5. None of John’s brothers or sisters are illegal. They were adopted out of the US foster care system, retard! PS- There are black children and native americans actually from this country. Some people are so stupid.

  6. l0l. john fucking hock contridicts himself like every day….for example. on his most recnet vid on the “johnhock69? account he harasses anthonyvanity and calls him an illegal immigrant….but rember something john; half of your siblings are foreign! haha. i’m pretty sure you all remember his mom’s myspace, and all those illegal colored siblings of his. AHAHA.

  7. Annnnnnd how can you make fun of someone for having a terrible home life? Oh wait, you make fun of mentally retarded children and cripples…and Josh better watch out I mean he might end up dead if he gets too serious with you [:

  8. anon 11:07 was ME
    not jenny.
    kiki you sit there and act like such a great role model “oh i have a phone line lets talk about weight issues!” yet you call a perfectly skinny girl fat?
    wow fucking hypocrit. obviously being skinny hasn’t gotten you very well-liked.

  9. Because then you can get into the mindset of a spoiled teenage brat and a waste of skin pedo. .. I hope John Hock shows up to a Dateline nbc trap … Wouldn’t that be fucking hilarious.. .. “John .. This is Chris Henson of Dateline nbc .. Please take a seat over there. ” LOLOLOLOL

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