Jenny Thompson, self-proclaimed Targé employee extraordinaire and the allegedly retarded offspring of a drug addict mother, made the extremely unwise decision to welcome John Hock into her home. Old news, sure—there will always be dumb stickam sluts hungry for the views attendant on Hock’s popularity.  But StickyDrama deemed it newsworthy that Jenny recently confided to her friend Heidi Lee that Hock might have orally infected her with a sexual disease.

Incredibly, Jenny doesn’t seem to be very concerned. In fact she’s throwing caution into the wind, sharing chapstick (or herpes medication) with the very person who might have infected her:

Not smart.
Evidence of Hock’s promiscuity—and the obvious consequences arising therefrom—is largely anecdotal but nevertheless overwhelming. Many of his personal acquaintances insist he has some type of STD: After he had committed statutory rape against her, Danielle Alexandria claimed that Hock had chlamydia; his former good pals Brookie and Koti Clarke mention crabs, among a few other lulzy tidbits.

Aside from warning Hock’s fans of his sexual health, the above video was Brookie’s response to the psychotic voicemail Hock left her which was posted a few days ago in MyDrama. Hock blamed Brookie for the demise of his relationship with Ericka, a close friend of Brookie; Brookie had alerted Ericka to Hock’s online infidelities.
So to sum things up: If you welcome Hock into your home, he’ll infect you with venereal disease, spam your phone number, cost you hundreds of dollars, harass your friends and kick you in the head. Form a line, girls!


  1. Oh Yeah…one LAST thing WHO DOESN’T MASTERBATE (If you say you don’t your LYING)??Even married couples do!!And ALOT of people masterbate online!BIG DEAL!That is hardly InFiDELITY! Shit ERIKA should have joined in!!That is NO reason to Break up!! LAME!!!But ty ty ty Sticky darma!! LOVE YOU!!XOXOX!

  2. I actually posted the shit about kiki and her being crazy. Kiki, date people your own age or wait till your legal. Stop getting your parents involved with jennys life. She’s old enough to make her own decisions, you my dear, are not. When I was 17 I was more focused on graduating highschool and hanging out with my friends. Not dating people 7 years older. Josh, really? I thought I knew you better than this but all you do is use girls and I saw that first hand. I don’t care that you called me fat irl, I can lose weight but you can’t fix ugly

  3. I only leave this comments so you guys know that im special for sucking johns jizz, which is infected but honestly I’m so better than Jenny even though I’m 16 and my mommy takes nasty sex pics of my in my panties, I’m stil very innocent and like have no clue what you guys are saying and I”m going to be an actress and I’m in college and skipped 5 grades lolollo rofl lol
    like kannibal power

  4. Srsly Kiki I can’t wait until you get out into the real world and off the internet because you are going to get such an ass kicking of a reality check. I really cannot wait until karma gives you what you deserve. You really have no place to talk shit about anyone elses family when everyone knows how messed up your parents are. Don’t act so high and mighty when you’re NOTHING but a bleach blonde, white trash little girl living in a fantasy land.

  5. What a fucking loser.. Honestly .. why hasn’t this guy had the shit kicked out of him yet.. I think he’s long overdue for an asskicking. He makes guys look bad.. Espessially when girls are STILL drooling and defending this worthless excuse for skin.

  6. i actually do quite well thank you! I have a lot more going for myself than some dumb bitch who is 22 and begs for myspace comments and is on myspace and stickam every fucking day, spending days upon days harassing me in some way. That’s ridiculous. I am on the internet WAY less that you creeps. The only reason I came on here is 1, the man bitch psycho keeps stalking me and josh 2. and the “I’m just helping john hock and he’s so nice” crap is just that…That was a stupid comment above since I of all people know what e-fame is worth. Any girl who asks me how to do it, I just tell them to not bother with it. It is worthless. I go to college, I have a thriving business. What the fuck do you do besides post bullshit about me? If I had a stage mom I would be in California going on auditions every week. Both my parents are supportive . I am teenager and yeah I get pissed at them sometimes, but I never had a drugged up psycho parent. That I can say, and I don’t stalk any of my ex’s gfs.

  7. Well, after glancing through these comments I have found that Kiki Kannibal is as annoying/obnoxious as the slurs have led everyone to believe.
    You must be proud to live up to your name, huh?
    Bravo, girl.

  8. ^I second that vote.
    Kiki you’re a dumb bitch who has nothing going for her.
    You’re boring, vapid and shallow and I’m sorry but you’re relationship with Josh won’t last much longer because it’s based off drama and deceit.
    Everything about you is fake, from your eyelashes to your name and you will never succeed outside of the internet.
    And if you’re going to start talking about anyone’s family, you might want to rethink that idea because you have one of the worst families I’ve ever seen.
    You have a psychotic stage-mom who’s living vicariously through you because the bitch didn’t do anything else with her life and she actually finds it satisfying to be living through you, like your e-fame is actually worth anything.
    And you’re father?
    You don’t even like him and he doesn’t give a fuck about your mom or you, he just doesn’t care about either of you.
    Which knowing all that I can see why you turned out the way you are, but as the old saying goes;
    Fake, psychotic bitches shouldn’t throw stones.
    Grow up, get out of the house for like a day at least, and get a fucking attitude check.

  9. i vote kiki shuts the fuck up. she has no room to talk about other peoples lives when her live revolves around stickam drama and internet boyfriends oh and shitty clothing lines.

  10. You broke up over a year ago, and you lie and say you block HIM when in reality he blocks you where he can. You keep up pictures of you making out with him You are nuts, certifiable just like your mom. Your dad knows how crazy you are since he knew your mom was nuts, and he left her when you were 3.
    lie some more you pathetic psycho. your mom is in a wheelchair from all her drugs (that came directly from your sister) and yes your mom really was committed. She’s probably sucking off the state just like you were trying to use that military guy. you just messaged josh recently and told him you were going to fuck John Hock in a stupid sick attempt to make Josh jealous. Josh was like, idc, go the fuck ahead. He hates you and thinks you are a joke and crazy. You lie all the time, but the thing is you are so stupid you can’t even keep your stories straight or back them up. You tell people you lurk my live and you send 25 to 30 year olds to call me and im me regularly. It’s pathetic.
    You confided in a person that you later abused. you are stupid for doing that. I didn’t do anything to you except call you fat after you kept harassing me over and over again. You have been harassing me for almost six months now, and you lurked Josh’s phone bill since you still have a joint 2 year plan and posted my number…hence the calls from ct at all hours. Josh and I were just friends at first, and you went nutty and started leaving me comments saying that “He is mine”; bubz or some shit that you called him is all yours. You are the most fucked up person I have ever met and that is fucking saying A LOT. Go drink some more you manly, dirty alcoholic who can’t remember who, what or when she fucks.


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