True celebrities live in the glamorous world of Hollywood, where everyone is rich and beautiful.  But … there is another world, a place that is just as real, but dull … very dull … and always either way too fucking hot, or way too fucking cold … THE VALLEY.

Tonight’s episode is a follow-up to our Halloween post reporting Amor HIlton’s eviction from Johnny Death’s apartment in Encino.  By sheer stroke of fortune, or maybe misfortune, StickyDrama bumped into Johnny at Cinespace, a small venue in Hollywood.  (Co-incidentally, Anthony Vanity was asked to leave Cinespace for rude behavior.)
A couple of cocktails later, we asked Johnny for his version of events, since Amor basically accused him of stealing her rent from his own father in order to support his marijuana habit.  The lighting in Cinespace was a tad too dark for StickyDrama’s cellphone to capture decent video, but the audio portion is quite clear.
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Johnny also went on to claim that his fiancée bought a condo in Times Square so they could move in together in New York City.  Last we checked, however, Johnny’s ass was still in the Valley  somewhere, trying to get girls naked on Stickam.


  1. Hahahaha, im glad to see that John Assil (Johnny Death) is having such a miserable life. The Deal with John is that he is a very insecure boy, in need of attention. He spends his days and nights in internet chat rooms to fill the void of attention he needs. He also is a wannabe drug dealer who got robbed on several occassions, once on stickam webcam. I didnt see it but I heard it was wonderful, it was at the 5412 Lindley Ave Address and he got his ass whooped. Brooklyn Nugz also robbed him in NYC and California. Hopefully more horrible things happen to John Assil in 2010!!!

  2. its called get a real job
    so u can pay off ur rent and if u know that a person is not gonna do their share then why keep the person there a 1st the site was all about bashing jh and now its about bashing amor lol

  3. ^^^ person obove is possibly retarded.
    i didnt use amors money to buy anything… cuz i didnt get any for a whole month (she doesnt have a job dumbass). i mean seriously you are a stickydrama faggot. im labeling you as a ignorant peice of internet scene trash. now go pm kiki kannonball about how much you like her necklaces.

  4. jonny is a lying asshole, he stole their money and bought other things. also they had three months to get out, according to eviction laws. they chose to leave in a peaceful way.

  5. what johnny said was the truth. BUT from my personal experience, (ive known him for about 2 years now) his dad calls him up about the rent too.

  6. haha umm i can tell you from personal experience of talking with johnny for a while that he is a decent guy BUT he doesnt pa rent either! his dad calls him all the time fliping out on him to give him his monmey

  7. i’m not a huge johny death fan but amor is a lying cunt. it’s been well documented that she is a lying clown hooker

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