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@MatthewLush’s Twitter, YouTube, Store Hacked; @ConnorJon Denies Hack, Releases Shitty Song


Somewhere on this godforsaken planet, there walks an angel.  An angel who had enough of spamgod Matthew Lush’s bullshit and decided to hack the bejesus out of his Twitter, YouTube and online store.  In a devastating blow, the avenging angel deleted all the spamgod’s YouTube videos.
StickyDrama first learned the glorious news this morning, but we were too busy puking our guts out from food poisoning after eating a bad burrito at chic West Hollywood hangout The Abbey. At least, we think it was the burrito.  Maybe it was our disgust at having to look at Lush’s used-up old kisser again.
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Lush, and his umpteen bajillion fugly flaming fans, bombarded the spamgod’s ubercutie ex-boyfriend ConnorJon with accusations that the blond beau was behind the hack.  Lush claims that Connor was the only person who knew the passwords to his accounts, besides the spamgod himself.
Connor, for his part, flat out denied any responsibility for the hack.  StickyDrama believes him, because if we didn’t believe Connor, that would imply Lush was being sincere for once, which is impossible.
Rubbing salt into the wound, Connor sent StickyDrama an embarrassingly horrible lovesong Lush apparently wrote for him, “Last Forever.” Not quite, Matthew, not quite.


  1. How pathetic that he wears a love hoodie as he begs. For somebody who supports organizations like PETA that spread hate that is pretty hypocritical, unless of course he means he loves only himself.

  2. Poor Matthew… he’s clearly suffering from emotional and possibly eating disorders. It has been proven very unhealthy to maintain emotional relationships solely on-line and to base your worth and livelihood on line as well. You can loose it all at once.
    Oh if only I could talk to him one on one for I know the pains of jealousy and wanting attention and super-whore status. And I know how it feels when the light fades, a light you never really had to begin with. It sucks people it really sucks and yet this news makes me so warm and fuzzy… that I feel the need to make some waffles. That self-righteous hetro-omnivore-hater had it coming! It may not have been Connor but Connor wasn’t the only one he pissed off by that hypocritical asshole (a love sweatshirt really you hate monger).
    And I see he’s begging for help again because as usual he shows up to the restaurant with no money the cheap twat.
    Look Matt if you can’t get a job, at least go back to school so you can learn social skills so when people give you their order at Popeye’s you won’t get butthurt and claim they are homophobes.

  3. FINALLY! I look up to whoever did this. It would have been a lot more awesome if they hacked his myspace as well, but this is good enough! It’s about time, though.

  4. He’s not anorexic, he’s just a typical malnourished idiot vegan. They are all like that.
    Now, I’ll give him all his accounts back if he promises to quit using his gayboy voice and use his real voice from now on.
    He can keep the stupid vegan thing but the voice has to go.

  5. ^ Most of his fanbase probably grew up and aren’t 13yo naive fat emo girls anymore. Matthew needs to grow the fuck up too.

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