Since the rapist loves to offer prizes, StickyDrama thought that we should do the same.
Whoever shuts down The John Hock Show gets our top banner.
Some readers, and AVC employees, might ask why StickyDrama is so concerned with Hock’s online shenanigans. Among our many well-documented objections to his character, we have lately become particularly vexed with the volume of his Myspace spam, in which he packs about 10 Stickam players per bulletin. Posting dozens of such bulletins per show, he vastly inflates his number of viewers, compromising the integrity of Stickam’s rankings.
Lately Hock has not even bothered to delete his old bulletins, which enabled us to screen-record exactly how many players he embedded—loading that many Live players freezes our browser!
As with any prize, we must list a few conditions:
Hock’s show must be off the air for at least one full week. In exchange, our top banner spot is yours for one full month. Keep Hock off the air for 2 weeks, and the spot is yours for 2 months … and so on. If he gives up and quits Stickam for good, the banner spot remains yours for one full year after his last show.
The banner can link to your Stickam account, or any website you wish.
We don’t care how you shut him down—in fact it’s probably best we don’t know.
Your banner can say or show anything (with the exception of underage nudity). It can be your ugly face. it can be your ex-girlfriend’s n00dz. It can be a Nazi swastika and it can be KKK members holding a lynching. It can say “StickyDrama sucks,” it can say “John Hock FTW,” or both. We don’t fucking care. As long as Hock remains off the air, our most coveted banner spot is yours.
Please contact StickyDrama in advance, so we know who actually accomplished the goal. Otherwise it will be difficult to verify your claim.


  1. ur all really stupid i mean all john has to do is hack stickam and he can get back on stickam and do w.e the fuck he wants ur all pretty pathetic

  2. Honestly.
    Id bring him back
    This is the internet people. Nothing on here has any meaning to life in general and you “fighting” to keep him off is only showing how pathetic this shit really is.
    Weather you be jealous of him, hate him, or simply inlove with him. Its some kid out in CA trying to do something to take up his spare time,
    You dont like him? DONT WATCH HIM. Dont spend all your time worrying about weather or not hes on here anymore.

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