StckyDrama was among the thousands of viewers enthralled by Stevie Ryan’s impersonation of spamgod cocksucker Matthew Lush last night.

We were in our chatroom, cajoling studling CHRIS*[topher] into once again showing his impeccable naughties, when an uproar on the Front Page sent reverberations across the entire network. Stevie, on a fake Lush account, was Featured and hosting her show at Stickam’s studio! Now, for the company to permit an hour-long Featured mockery of a major Entertainer is one thing: Their own Terms of Service specifically do not allow anyone to “select or use a user name of another person with the intention of impersonating that person.” But the fact that Stevie’s show was produced at Stickam’s very office reveals the depth of contempt certain staff members have for the despicable cocksucker.
The loveable suckable Adam Paranoia was one official accomplice to the lulzy show. At StickyDrama’s request, Stevie attempted to kiss him on cam, which would have resulted in the creation of legendary “Paranoia-Lush Gay Kiss” caps; however the gentlemanly Adam declined, and she had to settle for a hug:

Just as well. Adam’s mouth, and a few other openings, belong to us anyway.
We were hitherto unfamiliar with Ms. Ryan, but instantly fell under the spell of her charisma. The hearts and yea-ya’s, so fake and irritating when done by Matthew, became fresh and amusing when offered by Stevie. It was so adorable, we’ll assume she was in character when she requested mods to ban StickyDrama.
Let’s just hope she doesn’t jerk off on cam and then hide for a few months like a worm under a rock. We enjoy her too much for that.


  1. its quite sad that they let some people violate TOS and not others.
    why do their TOS even exist if they dont apply to everyone?
    but this is preetty funny.

  2. For some reason I knew that Matthew Lush would be using his upcoming birthday (07/01) to hock his tawdry merchandise and copy cat song that itunes has decided not to sell. Well, sure enough he was on Stickam last night and kept getting booted from I assume the savvy personal at Stickam central. Then 12 midnight rolls around and just as all his ignorant minions are holding up Happy Birthday signs the lights go out! He got kicked off for the night. I stayed up for this because I saw it coming. I predict he’ll be back, he has no shame and he’s scum. Oh, did I say he also looks fat?

  3. it is really annoying how you always include ‘lovable suckable’ before adam paranoia
    lets face it dude he is not a very attractive man and actually quite ordinary looking. nobody knew who the fuck he was before stickam and they are still scratching their heads as to why stickam considers him so important (i know i am)
    the only thing i can see even close to ‘suckable’ is your constant asskissing to ‘the fake myspace’ i mean stickam (sorry bro but stickam will *never* be myspace)

  4. Stevie was great on all counts except that Matthew is much fatter now (all he eats is candy), so the resemblance was a bit off. Otherwise, she was very entertaining!

  5. lets talk about how besides this video, stevie and adam continue to look a bit “close” for “friends”

  6. “…cajoling studling CHRIS*[topher] into once again showing his impeccable naughties”
    Once again? requesting noodz..

  7. i hope adam doesn’t get his ass fired or anything
    i don’t really see how this was worth breaking any rules, it was quite the waste of creativity 😐

  8. I LOVED IT! Stevie is awesome and I am thankful stickam didnt give a fuck and let her do it! ZNot only didnt give a fuck, but helped. LOL. I love it.
    great job Stevie, Adam and everyone involved in this <3

  9. She was really amazing and has a great career ahead of her perhaps imitating more ‘important’ individuals. I heard that ML was in the room. Wonder what he thought?

  10. “…cajoling studling CHRIS*[topher] into once again showing his impeccable naughties”
    Once again? requesting noodz..

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