Since the rapist loves to offer prizes, StickyDrama thought that we should do the same.
Whoever shuts down The John Hock Show gets our top banner.
Some readers, and AVC employees, might ask why StickyDrama is so concerned with Hock’s online shenanigans. Among our many well-documented objections to his character, we have lately become particularly vexed with the volume of his Myspace spam, in which he packs about 10 Stickam players per bulletin. Posting dozens of such bulletins per show, he vastly inflates his number of viewers, compromising the integrity of Stickam’s rankings.
Lately Hock has not even bothered to delete his old bulletins, which enabled us to screen-record exactly how many players he embedded—loading that many Live players freezes our browser!
As with any prize, we must list a few conditions:
Hock’s show must be off the air for at least one full week. In exchange, our top banner spot is yours for one full month. Keep Hock off the air for 2 weeks, and the spot is yours for 2 months … and so on. If he gives up and quits Stickam for good, the banner spot remains yours for one full year after his last show.
The banner can link to your Stickam account, or any website you wish.
We don’t care how you shut him down—in fact it’s probably best we don’t know.
Your banner can say or show anything (with the exception of underage nudity). It can be your ugly face. it can be your ex-girlfriend’s n00dz. It can be a Nazi swastika and it can be KKK members holding a lynching. It can say “StickyDrama sucks,” it can say “John Hock FTW,” or both. We don’t fucking care. As long as Hock remains off the air, our most coveted banner spot is yours.
Please contact StickyDrama in advance, so we know who actually accomplished the goal. Otherwise it will be difficult to verify your claim.


  1. I don’t understand why you want him off the air so badly. what is so wrong with the guy?
    i mean ive never been in his chat but still. seams kinda mean.

  2. This is why I don’t like stikam to begin with, and the fact that stikam allows this idiot to do half the shit he does just so he’ll bring in ratings is disgusting. As if a site like Stikam is going to get yourself famous?
    Same goes for that retard Kiki ‘Kannibal’. People seem to think that ‘haters’ will make you famous. How laughable. See ya when your working at Starbucks in about a year.

  3. I’m surprised you guys haven’t tried causing a Devin Coffin hate storm, considering she is an awful clown, (lol just look at her pics), someone needs to take her back to the circus. ):
    Oh, and tonight at john hocks live show, i posted this link 3 times to promote the ‘ keep hock off the air and our top banner is yours,’ but i got banned. oh well, any advertisment about this will help. hah

  4. hollywoodhaley said,
    August 24th, 2008 at 3:22 am
    well, you people have no lifes.

    I think the plural of “life” is “lives”, sir. Retards like you are a serious issue. Like Hock. Except that this here topic epically failed. 🙁

  5. LMAO jhon hock is suck a dick i hope he get banned i hate when he says go to blah blah shit website psfh u cant go 5 seconds with out hearing it hes a ugly dick with no life =/

  6. he is just a spam king. if you watch his show for like 3 minutes you’lll hear him saying my little slaves .

  7. “Kiki Kannibal said, June 28th, 2008 at 6:49 pm
    Get that queer off Stickam.
    Everyone should be in my live anyways.
    What an egocentric CUNT. But yeah, I say itd be WAYY better if they also deleted all of his friends. ALL of them, since getting them is a hassle with captchas and stuff.

  8. okay, haaha for all you dumbfucks that are going to comment in the rapist side why are you even on this page if your going to talk shit, you lame!, I hope that fag gets off stickam for fucking ever, and disapears, common he fucked a 14 year old some weeks ago -_- what the fuck, his just inmature fuck that need s to get a life and drop the scene its a phace that is out of trend,
    stickydrama I hope you get this!!

  9. well put marisa.. but heres the real thing, john is a pedo.. and he is a threat to young helpless women..LIKE yourself hollywood.. girls who are to fucking young to make the right desicons.. girls your age hoolllyywood. DONT MAKE right desicnos.. you arnt fully fucking developed yet. this hack thin isnt to “ruin his life” intentionaly.. its just for fun.
    but joh deserves it.. he is a pedo fuck. a drunk fuck. and he is bound to go no where further with his life then just this stickam show.
    shut the fuck up and go bitch to someone who cares

  10. “the people who run this , should consider getting a life
    and moving out of mommy’s house”
    Lol, what if whoever runs this has a high paying job and lives in a mansion? You never know~

  11. First of all, if you’re going to talk shit on stickydrama about them, can you at least have the fucking balls to post your name and stickam/website? No, of course not.
    Secondly, sticky is not obsessed with John, you would know why they want him off the air if you’d watch him when he goes live at night.
    He drinks, I heard he does drugs but I don’t know about that one, and he fucks underage girls. Is that not good enough to get him off the internet?
    Thirdly, if you’re going to hate on sticky because of this, get off the site, simple as that.

  12. seriously , you’re all stupid , I’m sixteen years old , & i am not obsessed with john hock , nor do i even think he is hot . but, he is a fucking person, just like you trying to make money & live his life . leave him alone you twats . seriously get on with your pathtic boring lifes . stickydrama is just a site, to make people feel low about themselfs & start bullshit . its a waste of a fucking website , this is high school drama , the people who run this , should consider getting a life
    and moving out of mommy’s house .

  13. HAHHAHA i cant wait tell i finish the hack.. hahaha
    i hope i make the lil 15 yearold obbsesse girlies who send nudes to this faggot every day, cry.. i hope they ball when hey see that this poor stupid pedo fuck is off air.. haha
    im havng so much fun..
    soon guys soon

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