StickyDrama NEVER thought we’d write this, but Kiki Kannibal actually has some good advice for all girls on Stickam: STAY AWAY FROM HOCK, DON’T LET HIS SCABIES-INFESTED ASS SLEEP ON YOUR COUCH.
Both Danielle Alexandria and Hock’s current cum-hole Amor Hilton were in Kiki’s room as she dished out the words of wisdom. When Kiki Kannibal is trying to set you straight, you know your life must be pretty fucked up.


  1. i love john hock,i will protest in a year or 2 too get him out of jail.he doesnt deserve this,im pretty sure he regrets what he has done,but life is life its not fair 4 him.JHON I LOVE U!

  2. wow.. i never thought i would ever say this.. but fucking go kiki
    actual good solid advice out of her mouth lol

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