Kiki certainly has her own unique blend of humor. She was really having a blast with herself in her recent live during her break away from being pimped out by her mother. She spent much time frantically kicking people for posting links to her n00dz and other online anti-Kannibal goodies. For those still not very familiar with the design stealing, over sexualized, clown painted, harlot we have come to grudgingly accept as Kiki Kannibal, then here is a great summary – all from a single live of hers – which helps demonstrate the type of person she is.

Even though we here at Stickydrama relish the utter absence of any notion of morality and the like – rarely would you find us posting about any of the following for the sake of laughs: handicapped people, retarded people, people with down syndrome, obese people, elderly troubled people or those who crashed their car and rolled three times etc. Kiki finds time in her live to tackle all of these areas and then some in her hatefest and still sit and chomp with her open mouth on a big ole’ fat cookie – which many were hoping she would choke on and collapse.

What’s even more laughable was her outright denial of the existence of Stickydrama as people spammed links to stories about her lifting designs for her gaudy, cheap jewelry from bigger, more established designing firms. Do be sure to post some links to sticky in her live plz k thnx.

Center For Lollatology <3


  1. Stop fucking hating on mee! Im making fun of people cuz my face is fucked up,
    and my mama smoked grass, while she was knocked with me!!

    Fuck kiki kannibal!


    Britney is amazing, Kiki is shit.

  3. That’s fucked up to joke about someone like kiki’s death. She would die thinking everyone is jealous of her and that she was loved. It would be better if she got fat. Monstrously fat. Then I hope she dies.

  4. Well, you can rest assured that this hate comment isn’t from a 14 year old jealous girl.

    Point blank: Kristen Ostrenga is a sad, lonely, pathetic little girl who was thrown into a ruthless indrusty thus coroting her from the inside, out. Anyone who actually has the balls to stick up for this tore up, hateful cunt need to seriously reevaluate their morals and thought process — ASAP don’t wait around. This could become permanent. — Rather than looking at this one post and defending the fact that, apparently, it’s okay to make fun of the disabled because everyone does it, look at all the other videos and then, if you have it within yourself to solve a puzzle, start putting the pieces together and look at the bigger picture.

    Kristen Ostrenga is the epitomy of a sociopath. This means she has no true feelings of guilt or happiness. She is basically a stone wall. A faker. Everythign about her is fake and she emulates the people she see;s getting attention rather than being herself.

    When this crazy bitch is features, I’ll admit, sometimes I can’t help but watch in dusgust as this anorexic tween begins hawking loogies onto her computer than proceeding to scoop it up and put it back in her mouth. Or when someone brings something up that this so called college student can’t pronounce and she begins calling them fat and ugly and telling them they are jealous of her.

    Jealous? DOUBTFUL YOU CRAZY BITCH! Nobody is jealous of you. They are intrigued by you same as they would be a dancing chimp in the circuis. They watch you for the lulz and to see how they can make fun of you. It’s pathetic when she tells herself that people are jealous. I’d rather weight 250 lbs and look like shrek than to ever have a glimpse at the thought process that goes on inside that empty head of hers.

    I could write all day long about this girl and her truly tragic life, about the family she was forced into, about the mother who is living her life through her daughter, about the poor sister and brother that are growing up with THAT THING as a role model… but I need sleep.

    I hope she gets a psychiatrist. She needs to grow up and realize there is more to life than pretending to be something you aren’t.

  5. I think alot of you need to calm the fuck down. So she made fun of crippled people, so fucking what! She can say whatever she wants to say, and if you don’t like it you can just stfu and don’t concern yourself with her.

    You’re no better by calling her a slut/ugly/ect. ect.

    And that’s it, she’s making FUN of those people. She’s doing it for the lulz, she isn’t ranting and spreading hate. She’s just pointing out the funny thingys they do.

    And I’m guessing alot of these anon hate comments are from 14 year old girls who are totally jeabous of Kiki’s status.

    Sho’ nuff

  6. homeboijilbert: i hope you get jumped by a horde of fat anime fans, all wearing cat ears.

    also, “anonymous”, i am nowhere near britney level (i have all my hair and sanity) but neither is kiki. she’s just lulzy in a britney-like manner. js.

  7. To both X and light bringer – realize the true and only legitimate point about this. This website pointing out kiki’s flaws is the entire point of this site. kiki, as an established ‘business’ and head thereof, is seriously, and solely in the wrong for behaving like this on cam in a public forum. THE FUCKING END.

  8. Dear Mr. X,

    Whatever Kiki has done in this video has been done by many in the past. She is not in a unique situation, but nevertheless it has ruined her reputation even more. I am not saying those who belittle Kiki for belittling the disabled are wrong. It’s just the fact that these people who belittle her, have done the same thing themselves, but in different ways.

    End. Seriously. Please stop, all you hypocrites.

    – Bringer of Light

  9. Dear Bringer of Light,
    There is a huge difference of cajoling those who are belittling the afflicted and those who attack the afflicted. Sorry but your deluded religious zealotry of “let he cast the first stone” is horse shit. This cunt Kiki is seriously damaged goods and needs help. But that doesn’t make pointing out what a slug she is reprehensible.

  10. @ Rachael

    You are sinless then? Okay then.. You’ve made fun of someone before, I’m sure of it. Be it because of how they were born or how they act. I doubt you’re perfect.

    I don’t fail, all you hypocrites fail. You all think you’re perfect and you’re not.

    Quit making fun of people… who are making fun of people… and then calling them rude.

    You do it yourself. You are all so stupid.


    – Bringer of Light

  11. she needs to gtfo stickam.

    and what the hell? ive never laughed at a disabled person, thats just fucked up.
    “bringer of light” you fail. go home.

    and i luvzzz [email protected] for making that video.
    it seriously needed to be done.
    i hope her 12 year old fans see it and realise how bitchy their “idol” is.

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