Kiki certainly has her own unique blend of humor. She was really having a blast with herself in her recent live during her break away from being pimped out by her mother. She spent much time frantically kicking people for posting links to her n00dz and other online anti-Kannibal goodies. For those still not very familiar with the design stealing, over sexualized, clown painted, harlot we have come to grudgingly accept as Kiki Kannibal, then here is a great summary – all from a single live of hers – which helps demonstrate the type of person she is.

Even though we here at Stickydrama relish the utter absence of any notion of morality and the like – rarely would you find us posting about any of the following for the sake of laughs: handicapped people, retarded people, people with down syndrome, obese people, elderly troubled people or those who crashed their car and rolled three times etc. Kiki finds time in her live to tackle all of these areas and then some in her hatefest and still sit and chomp with her open mouth on a big ole’ fat cookie – which many were hoping she would choke on and collapse.

What’s even more laughable was her outright denial of the existence of Stickydrama as people spammed links to stories about her lifting designs for her gaudy, cheap jewelry from bigger, more established designing firms. Do be sure to post some links to sticky in her live plz k thnx.

Center For Lollatology <3


  1. To “Bringer of Light”,

    No, not everyone has laughed at a disabled person. I have never laughed at a disabled person. Its weird that you even assume that “everyone” has done it. You must have a pretty warped mind

    And kiki didn’t just laugh, she went on webcam, and basically did impressions of disabled kids. Okay, some people quietly laugh at disabled kids, which isn’t right either. but Kiki completely crossed the line.

    Stop trying to condone her behaviour, she has no defence in this. It is borderline wrong.

  2. uhhh… “flaming queen” your existence in comparison to Britney Spears, is like…

    a piece of gold, to a piece of shit.

    Just saying.

  3. I love how you are making fun of someone for making fun of someone. This makes no sense and isn’t what stikydrama is about. It is supposed to be news, not a fail-attempt at making fun of Kiki. LOLATYOU IS LAME.

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