StickyDrama’s months-long lawsuit against Advanced Video Communications (AVC), the company that owns Stickam, ended satisfactorily when we checked today’s mail and found this little gem waiting for us:

In its ruling, the Court dismissed our lawsuit against AVC without prejudice.  We were never expecting to win, of course.  As we explained in our Decemeber 2009 post announcing the lawsuit, our real goal all along has been to determine the true identity of pedophiliac cyberstalker Psychotic Router, or Router.  With respect to that goal, we have most definitely been successful.  Summarizing ownership and billing records sent in to the Court by GoDaddy in response to StickyDrama’s subpoena, the judge wrote:
“Per, Router HQ was owned by Garrett Graff/Graff Web Development LLC.”
As one of Garrett’s victim’s suspected, the now-defunct website was created, owned and operated through Graff Web Development, a company incorporated by Garrett Graff, last known address,18321 Brentwood Street, Livonia, Michigan 48152.

In effect, Router’s identity has been established in Court.  No longer is the link between Router and Garrett just a scared teenager’s suspicions, or unproven theories on this website.  A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has confirmed that Garret Graff indeed owned, where he would boast of manipulating underage boys into sexually explicit webcam performances.  The judge’s ruling, as well as all supporting documents—in particular GoDaddy’s billing and ownership records for—can be found at the Small Claims Division of the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles, 110 North Grand Avenue, Room 429, Los Angeles, CA 90012, case number LAM 09M12298.
What more does StickyDrama plan to do?  Nothing.  We’ve taken this as far as we can.   Only his victims can take the next step—which, both for their own peace of mind, as well as the safety of others, we hope they do.


  1. Lol…everyone should totally call his fat pedo ass and be like “youz a pedo!!!11” or pretend to be a victim, not that you’d have to pretend.

  2. “why on earth would you post a doc containing YOUR full name and address?
    Just sayin’”
    The cat was out of the bag a long time ago dumbass. Same reason he put 3 cameras around stickyhouse and broadcast 24/7

  3. Sticky,
    why on earth would you post a doc containing YOUR full name and address?
    Just sayin’

  4. But I’m sure his sup0r l337 haxx0r skillz he used, since he’s so confident in them, kept anyone from figuring out who he really is.
    O wait……

  5. Business Number
    Garrett W Graff
    18321 Brentwood St
    Livonia, MI 48152-3560
    (248) 987-6447
    Home Number
    Lori S Graff (Oh look, it’s married)
    18321 Brentwood St
    Livonia, MI 48152-3560
    (248) 381-5353
    Im nog “psychotic” enough to post his/her facebook. But a refined search may or may not help with that.

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