StickyDrama loves Max, aka The Sociopath Next Door, yet another blond ex-boyfriend of disgraced spamgod Matthew Lush. While ordinarily we would not approve of dating Lush, all is forgiven when you go on a vicious drunken tirade airing all the cocksucker’s dirty laundry at the top of your lungs, as Max did.
Max has moved on with his life in true Stickam fashion: by taking naughty pictures! At least he did it with some modicum of grace, appearing in the Winter 2008 edition of risqué gay magazine XY.

The slutpuppy’s spread, while not nude, leaves little to the imagination.

Not unlike most of XY’s readership, Lush has a taste for barely-legal blond twinks. One can’t help but notice the similarities between Max and Connor, Lush’s boy of the moment.

They could be brothers—brothers in some incest-themed erotic fiction published by NAMBLA.


  1. Connor is a cutie but when he gets to be around 20 or so he’s gonna blow up and get all fat. You can kinda tell. I’ve seen it happen time and time again. It’s already happening to ML. He’s really getting icky. What’s up with ML’s weird skin? Is he a tweaker?

  2. Yeah…
    Really slow…
    Lush has had this issue himself for at least 3 months now.
    He HAD to have it.
    He’s not over Max 100%
    Which is why he is dating Connor.
    Lush’s type is the abercombie type guy, but most don’t want to deal with the drama he brings.

  3. First of all..The only person who even comes close to looking like my brother is me. We get told all the time that we look like twins. So when someone tells him that he looks like someone else…they are basically telling me that I look like them to. NEWS FLASH!!! I DO NOT look like that worn out piece of glory hole maddness!!! Ewww I would kill myself if I did! One more thing…I LOVE YOU MAX!!! 🙂 Sorry I lied…haha, I’m mean, I can’t help it! :p
    Kira Fucking Elizabeth

  4. haha…lol Nah, Connor is a very attractive guy. But honestly, we do not look alike. It takes more than a similar hair color/style to make two people look alike…I wish people could understand that.

  5. Connor and max favor, but they do not look alike. max is way hotter than connon! he is like the abercrombie and fitch poster child! besides connor has a big nose and weird shaped lips. lol

  6. LOL conner put up a picture
    of max on his plurk
    saying, ” I don’t compare to this stupid cunt” and when you look at the comments he received, Matthew Lush left one saying, “babe you look cute in that pic” LMFAOOOOO apparently matthew can’t see the difference either!

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