In the latest Jerry Springer episode of Kiki Kannibal drama, her mother is furious that someone is posting their family’s home address all over Stickam, all over the internet, all over everywhere. Mama Kannibal apparently means business, and swears she’s going to the police, the FBI and *snicker* the governor of Florida. Kiki, in a rare moment of perspicacity, pleads with Mama to calm down, knowing full well that she’s being recorded.

The “piece de resistance” is when Mama Kannibal plops down, on camera, all the death threats Kiki has received throughout 2007. WOW!!! Even Kiki was stunned by the stack of print-outs, which was as thick as the Manhattan Yellow Pages:

Well Mama, it’s good that you’re concerned for you daughter’s safety, but it still hasn’t occurred to you to KEEP HER THE FUCK OFF STICKAM. It’s unwise to allow your 15-year-old daughter to prance around in her underwear in front of God knows who.


  1. i think telling her kid to get off the internet wont do anything. if you listened you heard her mom make a valid point theres 10 fakes of kiki people are still going to send her personal shit around. because theyll believe that this fake is her, so say if that fake does something some so called cyber bully does then it there still going to find out where she lives and all her personal info. getting off now would be useless. shes made mistakes clearly. its well known. but even people who arent internet famous aka p diddy and such get death threats. u dont see him cancelling shows and stopping his dream. its what she loves to do. i agree its ridiculous but really.

  2. kiki is not a fucking victim of anything.
    she brings it upon herself when she is a nasty cunt to everyone.
    maybe she should tell her kid to get the fuck of the internet, and do something else. And maybe learn to not be a bitch to other people as well

  3. Dude, I’m sorry, but I think Kiki’s pretty cool.
    The thing with Mr. Myspace, I mean, yeah, it was fucked up.
    But she’s human.

  4. I think Kiki should carry a gun and with that mental fatso brandy suicide wants to shoot her i would watch out. Kiki is just misunderstood she can be cool and i admit she can be a bitch but i think everyone is

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