Strikingly beautiful actress and well-ranked Stckam Entertainer Stevie Ryan has a habit of high-profile relationships.

Before playing homewrecker with aspiring director and Stickam employee Adam Scott Franklin, she dated Drake Bell, a Nickelodeon actor trying to make the jump into feature film.   Interestingly enough,  Drake played the lead role of Rick Riker in the horribly bad “Superhero Movie” alongside veteran actor Christopher McDonald, who resides a few floors below StickyDrama at The Rowan building in downtown Los Angeles. It has been alleged that Stevie would also have been cast in the movie—her first feature—if not for Drake’s interference.

But how many of Stevie’s fans are familiar with Jessica Amanda Salmonson, who calls herself Paghat the Ratgirl.  Paghat is middle-aged woman who lives in the State of Washington.    A prolific author of lesbian-themed fantasy novels, she runs several websites devoted to lesbianish hobbies such as gardening, caring for her pet rats, making weird knickknacks, and, uh, lesbian stuff.

In particular, we raised an eyebrow at Paghat’s so-called review of Stevie.  She must follow Stevie very closely, to be so familiar with drama like Stevie’s on-cam threats toward Kiki Kannibal or her PM death threats to Laura Paige.  And Paghat’s frequent alliteration and complex sentence structure read more like a love poem than a cinematic review:
“Her ethnic “character study” videos (if they may be so likened) are to me harsh, ugly stereotypes that reveal no cinematic intent or value, even though upon those, rather than upon her actual talents, her first flush of fame was predicated.
Occasionally Paghat’s raw feelings claw their way through the flowery jargon:
She makes you smile while appreciating her physical beauty.”
 A print-out of Paghat’s “review” runs an obsessive 9 pages in length.  For comparison, Paghat’s review of sex icon Bettie Paige runs 8 pages; a New Yorker review of Stevie runs 7 pages; Spin Magazine’s exposé on cyberstalking runs 3 pages; and the Myspace Murder Mystery, StickyDrama’s most in-depth post to date, runs under 2 pages.
Channeling one’s desires into creative works of art is what psychologists call sublimation.  9 pages of pussy-twerkin’ poetic prose is in StickyDrama’s opinion a stalker.


  1. “To me, the great hope is that now [that] these little 8-millimeter video recorders and stuff [have] come out, some… just people who normally wouldn’t be making movies, are going to be making them. You know, that suddenly one day, some little girl in Ohio is going to be the next Mozart and make a beautiful film with her little father’s camcorder. And for once, this whole “professionalism” about movie making will be destroyed forever and lead into an art form… That’s my opinion.” -Francis Ford Coppola

  2. Haha, that headline would’ve been awesome. And Alby, of course stories here aren’t going to be in the same context as a ‘real news’ site, but with the above evidence its very lightweight to suggest she is a stalker, more like a fan. However, Jessica does have the look of a mad, lesbian cannibal – it wouldn’t take her long to cover stevie in Ranch sauce and devour her.

  3. “Lesban Stalker” fits so much better as a headline than “a peek into the life of a creepy lesbo who wants to scissor someone from stickam”

  4. Also,
    “I think you are really trying to make a story out of nothing, Sticky”
    Isn’t that what blogs are for? If you want breaking, unbiased stories go read Reuters. If you want a peek into the life of a creepy lesbo who wants to scissor someone from stickam, then enjoy yourself.

  5. She looks like the type gal who would have porcelain statuettes of wolves atop her mantle.
    She’s quite eloquent in her writing but the name “Paghat” and image of her scissoring anything with a pulse makes me vomit.

  6. She is just a very verbose, intelligent – albeit scary looking- lesbian. I think you are really trying to make a story out of nothing, Sticky. She may have an interest in Stevie, and secretly follow her, but this isn’t stalking. I’ll take that back if sometime in the future Stevie returns home to find said lesbian sprawled naked on her bed covered in hundreds & thousands, though.

  7. agreed sticky. i LOVE stevie, i think she is talented as fuck, but she has not made that much of an impact on pop culture as others have (yet).
    btw, its bettie, not betty. but no worries 🙂

  8. She looks like a lesbian off of snapped [a television show about people who snap and kill family/lovers/friends]

  9. “Wordy in general”—perhaps.
    But why would a woman of letters devote more wordcount to a relatively inexperienced YouTube actress than to the incomparable Betty Paige? Beavis and Buttheard COMBINED with Daria merited only 1 or 2 pages. In fact, of Paghat’s many film reviews, Stevie’s seems to be one of if not THE longest … see for yourself:
    I like Stevie, but come on! Her relative contribution to cinematography is NOT more significant than Betty Paige’s or even Beavis and Butthead’s. Paghat’s twerkin’ it.

  10. ps. this is bullshit. i could write 9 pages on stevie myself and i am nowhere near a stalker. i mean, come the fuck on, she has hundreds of fucking videos… and it appears the only reason this chick’s shit was so long is because of her rambling purple prose- i bet she’s just wordy in general. she does write fuckin’ books after all.

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