Normally our Eye Candy gallery is reserved for cuties whose genitals have not been seen by all of Stickam. While it’s common knowledge that Mike Larsen is no shy boy, he’s also 17 years old, and so for now shirtless pics are the most we can show on StickyDrama. Oh well …
Poor Mike’s 6K account was banned for showing you-know-what; re-add this sexy boy’s new account.


  1. He’s not hot.
    He’s not even cute.
    In the emo world, all you have to do is be emo and make stupid faces at the camera, and you’re hot.
    If you’re shapeless and have nipples the size of raisins, you shouldn’t pose shirtless.
    ugh. I hate emo kids.

  2. wow this is an old ass post but this kid used to be so cute. Now he’s just STD central. He does show for a lot of girls . It’s actually really funny. He’s rediculous.

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