Normally our Eye Candy gallery is reserved for cuties whose genitals have not been seen by all of Stickam. While it’s common knowledge that Mike Larsen is no shy boy, he’s also 17 years old, and so for now shirtless pics are the most we can show on StickyDrama. Oh well …
Poor Mike’s 6K account was banned for showing you-know-what; re-add this sexy boy’s new account.


  1. ok faggots richard romance is ugly as fuckin hell idk how you think hed actually get on here hell i have a better chance then him so gtfo with taht shit. you all fail big time.

  2. he’s okay looking,he’s kinda cute, but the other boys like tic tac tome look a lil better

  3. now that he is 18 can we plz post some n00dz of him on here??? I’ll supply them and a cum shot too if needed!

  4. I don’t see what’s appealing here?
    He’s not hot.
    Or attractive at all, for that matter.

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