Is John Hock a finger-snapping tranny in training?
Word on the Boulevard is that she sucks a mean cock. But lately Miss Hock’s attitude has revealed signs of the megalomania which seems to consume young drag queens.
We quote Hock’s response to Drew Deviation’s suggestion that she shouldn’t attach so much importance to her profile views: “You stupid bitch. I’m fucking bigger and better than anyone on Stickam. [fingersnaps] Don’t you dare fucking say that to me. [fingersnaps again] Because I am the fucking King of Stickam, bitch, so don’t you dare say that to me!”
Oh gurrrl please. We know you’ve had your dalliances with Chris Crocker (who’s prancing around in his underwear at Regina’s pad) and Geoffrey Paris. But please don’t turn 100% queer. Then we’d have to extend some fag camaraderie towards you—and that’s more than we could bear.


  1. john is the biggest Fucking Pussy
    “number one on stickam” get a life you cock sucking faggot

  2. i really like your satirical comments and the megalomania in drag queens is spot on. Stickam folks take themselves way too seriously it like high school for the drop outs. lol.

  3. Where’s the rest of the conversation, I want to hear what else John Hock had to say to CHris Crocker…

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