Jimmy The Stalker, an infamous Myspace and Stickam perv who stalked and harrassed countless girls and boys, was royally ownt by BreathTakingTony.

Though he went by many usernames, such as Jimmy Suicide, Jimmy Incinerate, Jimmy Vicious and Jimmy Breakcore, he earned the sobriquet “Jimmy The Stalker” due to his obsessive and threatening personality. Jimmy used fake names and pictures to gain his victims’ trust, and once close enough he would ask for their cellphone numbers or aims. After a brief period of false friendship, Jimmy would ask for nudes; if the girls refused, he exploded in a terrifying rage and threatened to kill their families, rape them, or kill them. He is said to have coerced a 15-year-old girl into sex in a park using such tactics, of which one of his victims (who wishes to remain anonymous) sent a convo:

A glance at Jimmy’s own photos indicates that he had difficulty finding love.

Months and years of this harassment befell hundreds of girls, until one day Jimmy showed up in StickyDrama’s chatroom, PMing serveral male and female users for nudes in threatening language. Then Jimmy demanded n00dz from Tony’s girlfriend Swayyy. Furious, that night Tony sent Jimmy’s computer a “rat,” which allows remote connection to an infected computer—enabling Tony to use Jimmy’s computer as his own, and giving him access to Jimmy’s treasure chest of n00dz. Tony collected over 4,000 nude images of random camwhores and uglies from Jimmy’s hard drive, which he then deleted. Then, to make the ownage official, Tony defaced almost all the douchebag’s Myspace and Stickam profiles.

As word got around, many of Jimmy’s victims came forward to thank Tony, who eventually had around 300 such thank you. Stickam was less enthousiastic though, and banned Tony’s account for hacking. Tony, who had already lost his main account weeks ago for dancing in booty shorts, didn’t mind and promptly made another. Re-add, cocksuckers.



  1. I really appreciate what Tony did. And I’ve told him this. Seeing as I was a victim of Jimmy’s bullshit. And to know that the guy was truly only an hour from my house, just like he’d told me, is frightening enough to make me stay off live for quite sometime…

  2. i really do not understand why the chick in the aim convo was all up on jimmys dick. lol. but anyways i have respect for tony bringing down a pedofile, not so much the bragging. thats the best i can do at saying something nice about tony lol.

  3. Em… its totally messed up what that guy did, and he should basically be locked up if he did really rape a 15 year old… but that girl in that conversation (whos name is blocked out) cant exactly claim to be an inoccent victim going by what she said to him there (if that conversation is true). If girls dont want their photos all over the net then DONT take them, and they DONT want to be attacked or raped then DONT meet people you dont know online. It only takes common sense and parents to watch what their kids are doing.


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