Most Stickam users are familiar with Chris Thompson, aka Jungleboy, from his brief appearance in “Stickam: To Hell and Back.”
He used to be a regular on Stickam—until LiveVideo supposedly paid him to become an exclusive host on their site. While StickyDrama has not confirmed that Chris is one of LiveVideo’s “paid content providers,” why else would anyone leave Stickam for that piece of shit site?
Yesterday Jungleboy had LV Admins ban StickyDrama from his Live. Our offense? Typing the word “FUCK” after Jungleboy had just warned a female viewer to “watch your mouth” when she told him he was “fucking hot.” That was our first and only statement in his Live, and we not streaming any image or video.
How lame. And hypocritical—when he says it himself, his response is “F-bombs happen.”

While we would ordinarily agree that a host may kick or ban any user for any reason they see fit, nothing screams “douche” more than banning for one utterance of the F word.
StickyDrama would never suggest that our readers spam the douche’s Live with such phrases as “STICKAM IS BETTER.” But if someone did, we wouldn’t complain.


  1. HAHA thanks for the free press dude! And thanks for being a fan… by the way LV didnt ban you…i did…and not for saying fuck…i just dont like you. AHAH you are so funny. anyway guys come check out my live show anytime you want. Id post the link but he/she already did for me 🙂

  2. What does it matter?? To be quite honest, atleast he is talented, and is making something of his life, most of the people on stickam, and also some on livevideo, are no one, they just like to start drama online, because they have no real life! Time to move on to a new subject. If anyone takes offense to my comment, then maybe you’re the one with no life that I am talking about.. I wasn’t pointing any fingers though!

  3. who the fuck is this bitch i don’t know who this bitch is, pay him for what ? not everybody knows him like i only started using stickam recently and the the only peoples i know that are famous are the peoples that are talked most on this website, which include anthony vanity elliot kiki etc….

  4. who the fuck really cares, jesus, this shit site is becoming worse and worse.
    Next Blog: Kayvon Sells Princess Diana Beanie Baby… OHHHHH

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