StickyDrama was recently sent unpublished screencaps taken the night of John Hock’s February 26 live broadcast on Stickam. Up until we received these caps, our own screen-recording of the broadcast was the only known evidence that a sexual assault had occurred.
The above images clearly show Hock exposing his victims’s vagina as much as you can, you know, show one’s victim’s vagina. Moreover the images disprove the claim put forth by Bruce Blumberg, Hock’s defense attorney, that his client “merely showed a peek of her mons vernis.”  That lie won’t work anymore, Bruce, you’ll have to come up with a new one.
Another cap depicts Hock grinding his crotch into his victim’s vagina—a prelude of more indignities to come?
At the very least, that cap does not support Hock’s attorney’s statement that “absolutely no penetration of any sort was visible or occurred.”  In sum, several of the defense’s arguments are highly dubious if not outright false.
Oh, and let’s not forget Hock’s gallantly sliding his hands under the unconscious woman’s blouse in order to feel her breasts.
Significantly, the above cap also proves that Hock’s assault continued uninterrupted despite an “Offensive Flag” being sent to Stickam monitors. Great security setup y’all got there, Steven. Next time I’m being raped live on camera, I’ll take comfort in knowing that a flag has been sent to a dedicated team of site monitors who maybe the next day will ban my rapist’s account.
In retrospect, all of this could have been prevented. If only you had been warned what a sleazebag Hock was, surely your company would have been more proactive in protecting its users from him. If only someone at Stickam had known of his sexual proclivities, surely the company wouldn’t have so heavily promoted him.
If only …


  1. This is rather sad and very dissapointing, John was just lost and confused, when he was younger he for the most part always alone and that’s when he started pulling off his “look” so he could get the attion he’s always been wanting, since he never really had it. It’s not too late to change once you get out whenever you do. Your a cool guy to be around aleast when I was around you when you were sober.

  2. yhea thats true
    i wonder what would happen if he gets a new account after he get out of jail..
    i bet like his new stickam will be as full as the old one of ignorant stupid horny girls who wish for a chanse to get raped -_-

  3. Einstein, the worst part is that those dumb little cunts are still on Hock’s side.
    I think their punishment is to be them.

  4. and another thing…..
    why the fuck is all the damn cunts in his chatroom laughing at it?!
    theyr like *HAHAHAHAH* and
    *oh you … little sneaky bastard ;)* like that .. that makes them as insane and fucked up as he is ….
    i wasnt in the live at that point .. so were there ppl who actually tried to tell him what a fucking jerk he was?
    or did all john hock lovers just sitting there laughing at the whole thing? cause what ive seen on every printscreen so far .. they ttly did … and thats fucking sick!
    shame on you john and shame on all the stupid girls who just laughed at it ,kissing his ass….

  5. Not shopped, I don’t think. Remember it’s a jpg of a shitty webcam stream.
    Anyway, it’s all moot because apparently, human witnesses saw a ton of shit and he is fucked. Most rapes don’t have witnesses.

  6. I didn’t photoshop shit. The caps were sent in my a user who is on-cam during my video recording of the assault.
    Also I just googled “mons vernis,” I guess that’s a typo for “mons veneris.”

  7. yeahh…his left arm looks like a nub in that picture ahahahhahaah and there obvi. phottoshopped. thats pretty low sticky.

  8. Oh yeah as for the attorney saying “just a peek of her mons vernis” hes actually right, and obviously using words to not make it seem as bad, he is his lawyer after all. But if these are the worst pictures, it was just her mons vernis, like he didnt spread her “lips” apart, I think thats what the lawyer meant

  9. They were/are both young, and both were fucked up and Id bet money on both alcohol AND drugs!. Hock definitely was in the wrong, but you have to know he was high on drugs orazy to do that on cam!, so In my opinion he needs help, so hopefully him being in jail will help.
    p.s. Stickam is boring without him JS

  10. Has Sticky really sunk to this level? Those photos and horribly photoshopped. And how convenient 10 months later to all of a sudden have new screen caps appear from an “unknown” source. Wow….Sticky, I realize Hock made your website, but this is low, even for you!

  11. “December 11th, 2009 at 5:23 pm
    how trashed do you have to be to sleep thru that?!”
    i was in his stickam room like 5 or 6 hours before the rape, and i was in the room, on cam when he was raping her.
    they were drinking, there was a lot of alcohol involved on camera, and probably even more off camera.
    everyone saw her WHOLE vagina
    and they saw him finger, fuck, and do a lot of other shit too.
    he turned the cam for a few seconds, so nobody knows what he did then.
    fuck his “attorney” he’s obv not THAT good if all he does is deny shit and can’t get his “client” out of it.
    and the shit he’s denying is seen by all of us. like “her vagina was never shown”
    the video might not show it, but these pics do.
    i have like 3 screenshots that were posted quickly after the rape but taken off the site. they’re not amazing, but they’re more evidence.

  12. People used his drug problem for their entertainment, which is also NEVER ok. People often provoked him while he was under the influence. Is that ok? Most of the videos he made were OBVIOUS cried for help. I feel bad for him. And I feel just as bad for the teens who had such an influence on his behavior and chose to see his behavior as “normal” for years.

  13. ^yes that pic looks very photoshopped. like the weird cord between them and how his left arm only goes to the elbow

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