Our small poll of the Mydrama audience in yesterday’s post yielded exactly the results we had both wanted and expected. Not many people have faith in Matthew Lush maintaining a relationship with his fresh obsession, 16 year old Connor. As the one and only Anthony Vanity recently said: Lush may have bit off more than he can chew.

But whats interesting is that people are for the most part expecting Connor to be the one to leave Lush. We’ve all come to know Lush over the years and one can only imagine trying to form a lasting relationship with that. So would it really surprise anyone if Connor bid Lush farewell?

Its laughable to many how Lush parades around saying they are abstinate. I suppose he must do that legally. Other than that we think that it is mainly a veneer he is trying to maintain for his image as a good role model for today’s youth, claiming they will wait till marriage. This goes well with his role model image that was shattered long ago when the video was released of him busting a nice load of cum all over his tummy. We didn’t see that as a bad thing though, everyone should be stroking out nice hot loads on cam.

Im sure it is intoxicating and fun at first for Connor being with 20 year old, Cradle robbing Lush. But when the confetti has all fallen and the champagne runs dry, Connor will find himself sitting in a room, alone, with a still obsessive, eerily skinny, issuefied Lush. What will he think then? Time will tell.

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  1. 16?

    Wow, Lushy is such a pedophile. Hollister and A&F looking boys are boring anyways, and a 16 year old is just downright pitiful and embarassing. Must suck that myspace has captcha so Lush can’t go on and add people freely anymore with a bot, must be fun stuck at 300,000 friends for the past 3-4 years and nothing to back up his ‘fame’. : )

  2. Lush and connor won’t last.
    Once connor finds out how much bs lush is.
    I know for a fact lush is not the abstinent type.
    Lush becomes too needy/clingy and pushes his “love” away.

  3. I’d do connor … mainly to piss lush off. LOL. But he is adorable .. well, cant be jealous .. Lush does the reach around perfectly .. thats some skill .. the dude can jerk himself off from under his legs … now thats something! we’ve all seen it…

    give him some credit 😉


  4. Conner is the type of “guy” that Lush oozes after. I remember him saying long ago hes into the “A&F model-looking blonde guys”. I didn’t know he’d go after them if they were illegal too @[email protected]

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