StickyDrama recently received an interesting email from Seth Quinter.  Seth claims to have been a high school classmate of Stickam rapist John Hock at Willow Canyon High School.  Attached to the email were two shocking photos of Hock … shocking because—we’re almost ashamed to say—he looked pretty damn suckable before his rumored meth addiction.

Seth added:
Okay so I went to high school with John thought I’d plaster his  photo’s because I was the guy that tried to help him and he is still  acting like an idiot maybe him going to jail might make him change  HOPEFULLY we were friends in high school we didn’t know what the  ‘scene’ was but I have to say it wasn’t corey that helped him figure  out what it was infact John used to do anything to fit in he even  tried the whole goth thing lol he looked like an idiot but so did I  he needs help but I’m these photo’s are too hard to let pass by…..


  1. Okay to the last person trust me he was a friend of mine and yes he was a follower I knew him very well everyone is a follower if not then tell me why he tried to do the whole goth thing just to fit in? I was there with him trust me he did try to fit in. But no follower isn’t the word though he kinda had his own goth look scene mixed with goth.

  2. John dropped out, lulz. When he was 16 or 17 I believe.
    He was gorgeous back then, seriously. Until he got his tooth knocked out hahaha.
    And he wasn’t really a “follower” Seth, he was the first person I ever saw who was “scene.” He’s seriously one of the first.
    Sad he was for so long, its so dead man.

  3. even back then he looked like a bird lol
    it wasn’t the meth as much as his face just grew into adulthood lol
    well if john is in ‘tent city’ in 100 degree temperatures expect him to come out looking about 20 years older than he normally would

  4. dayuuuuum. Who knew meth gave you bug eyes?
    He barely looks like the same person, idk why he’d do that to himself.
    Hopefully a few years behind bars will clean his system out.

  5. LOL sticky. john was soooo hot in high school. wow. and he has been scene for a long time. FREE JOHN HOCK.

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