As certain well-connected cocksuckers and blondes are aware, StickyDrama left the civilized confines of Manhattan last week, and took a trip to Miami—a vacation arranged long before our dispute with Kiki Kannibal’s mother. However, while there we could not resist snapping a few pictures of Aventura Mall, where her now-deceased statutory rapist plummeted to his death last year.
Our readers will recall that Danny Cespedes, aka Mr Myspace, leapt from a parking garage in order to avoid arrest for “lewd and lascivious battery on a minor.” Much speculation remains as to who alerted the police to his presence at the mall.

Meanwhile, as we were sweltering in the hideous Art Deco swamp whence Kiki came, the lovely Stevie Ryan duked it out cholita style with the Kannibals, both Kiki and Mama. At the time, both Stevie and Kiki were on the front page—Stevie was actually featured.

StickyDrama was sent the screen-recording by a reader; in our vacation condo we did not have the necessary software, and sincerely regret not having been able to record the on-cam Jerry Springer performance Mama Kannibal must have given. Let us hope she fills our comments with whatever we missed.


  1. god, what happened with mr.myspace is fucked up. i was there when it happened… i was with my mom lol. shopping for new clothes. and i saw the whole thing… everytime i go shopping i think of him. whatever happened. even if he dated younger girls. he didnt deserve to die. R.I.P

  2. kiki kicked me out for saying what stickydrama writes about her is hilarious.
    i wanted a ban damnit.

  3. she banned me for mentioning stickydrama (:
    her stupidity will lead her into oncoming traffic someday.

  4. -Stevie looks like a donkey, no joke; Heee Hawww, Heeee Haww-either that or she had really bad teeth and got shitty veneers.
    -I don’t think her being skinny is what you are seeing in her face. It’s more like she put her face in a vice-grip and cranked the handle-either that or she was a bad forceps delivery.

  5. Stevie Ryan is a fucking retard. Threatening a little girl. How fucking hardcore. Call me when she’s famous for something other than riding Drake Bell’s cock.

  6. Kiki Kannibal = slow
    ne mother who would rather defand her child who has done more then enough to ruin her name is really stupid. if that was me, i would take the computer and smash it on her head for being so restarded.
    she needs a good ass wooping.

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