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Mikeyy Hacked, Phone-boned – UPDATED


nXc, the hacker credited with having reduced Mikeyy to an ownt bitch, has confirmed with StickyDrama that he is in fact Daniel Destruction. nXc is an abbreviation of Daniel’s Stickam URL, ninjaxxcore.

After replying to our messges sent to nXc’s email, Daniel explained why he defaced Mikeyy’s several websites, including iloveadds.com and mikeyy.com. oRLY Da Pedo created the above graphic and wrote its text, which does not adequately describe Daniel’s efforts. The hack, and the motivation behind it, were both entirely Daniel’s: Months ago, Mikeyy had gained access to Daniel’s Stickam account; the account was banned after Mikeyy streamed his infamous gay chubby porn, in which an obese man fingers his asshole.
Our readers will recall that at the time Mikeyy was quite a handful for Stickam, hacking the accounts of popular Entertainers and AVC employees alike. Countless users fell victim to his seemingly random hax and petty chatroom kicks. Finally Stickam’s general counsel sent the Lousiana teenager a Cease & Desist letter, putting an end to most of his mischief.
Perhaps time does heal all wounds. But Mikeyy’s reign of terror is certainly still in recent memory, and no doubt many readers will smile at the frustration he evinced as he whined to Daniel in our chatroom early this morning.

The lulz don’t end here. To make an already embarrassing situation utterly humuliiating, news of this hack is herebelow accompanied by a recording of Mikeyy engaged in phonesex with 2 well-known female Stickam users, whose identities we will not reveal.
He moans. He begs to be spanked. And, after blowing his load, he awkwardly hangs up.


  1. That phone sex is obviously Molldoll and lil Amanda teh lord. As they were always on the phone with Mikeyy all the time anyways.

  2. wow, id rather listen to hellen keller have phone sex. and PIG, try reading the topic below this one

  3. That phone thing is obviously fake..
    The giving out Mikeyy’s personal information shouldn’t be legal and I hope those bitches get busted and locked up 😉
    People are so childish these days…

  4. its deff not kiki i forget who it was but i think it was seairra and stacy…or something like that i forget

  5. moron, I called kiki about my diamond jewelry order and while she was digging out the records from her pile of incomplete homework assignments I saw Audiowhoregasm noodz.

  6. Took “Mikeyy” wayy too long to get off…15 fucking minutes for a 17 year old? And that was not Kiki.

  7. holy shit, he’s so obnoxious. “uh uhhh”
    can you just shut the fuck up?
    worst phone sex ever.

  8. What the hell was that? All it was was Mikey moaning, saying no, and the girl asking him to “do it.” That’s hardly phone sex.

  9. Can you please post an update about this hacking war you ppl have going on… why was the site down so long and what happened?

  10. Thats quite sad how oRLY took ALL of nxc’s credit when oRLY didn’t even do anything. poor kid. hope shit gets cleared up

  11. its funny as shit that this cowardly fake hacking wannabe xoxojon is finally going to get his.
    he was talking shit about how he is untouchable. good luck. and keep ddos’ing teen girls you dumb fag

  12. btw..that was the worst phone bone i have ever heard..it was like the special olympics ofphone sex..no matter how bad it was someone is still gettin a fuckin medal hah

  13. omfg he got ownedd hahaha
    the phonebone thing is weird though lol it doesnt really sound like him.
    and thank god your back sticky because stickyceleb fucking sucksssss.

  14. these are the most un-intelligible people I have ever listened to. They sound like little children. No I take that back. children are much more communicative that these twits. GodDamn !

  15. lol w0t ha the phone bone who are those 2 “entertainers” is that kiki that why you cant mention the name then that would be epic lolz. js

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